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Delving Deeper into Client’s Business

The jewellery market in India is abuzz with new trends tirelessly, changing its course in the blink of an eye. In such a competitive market, Bharatji’s relentless passion for crafting the unique needed an incredible storyline to strongly advocate its core principles- Craftsmanship, Quality, Service and Purity exuding a strong sense of luxury.

Bharatji Digital Marketing Services
Bharatji Social Media Campaign - Navratri
Bharatji - Navratri Special Social Media Posts

Clients Vision to Outshine

It was crystal clear that Bharatji, the brand itself and its eccentric creations are not for masses, but a niche audience who loves art and indulging in aesthetic experience. The brand wished to attach with its jewellery the feeling of exclusiveness and a pride in owning Bharatji’s designs. As a branding agency, the onus was on us to design a distinctive corporate identity using digital marketing tools, that are both cost-effective and client engaging.

Bharatji Social Media Campaign - Jeweloscope
Bharatji Social Media Cover Page Design
Bharatji Social Media Campaign - Wedding Diaries

Giving Wings to Digital Aspirations

Micro-targeting strategy was adopted to maximize the visibility of the brand. Hence, taking into consideration the multiple touch points our target audience is exposed to, we devised an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy with a responsive web design, SEO copy with a modern portfolio, social media campaigns, emails and infographics.

The social media campaigns with an elegant and quirky twist brought out the real essence of Bharatji’s designs. From Facebook posts to email marketing, our strategy was completely consumer-centric that enhanced the customer engagement with the brand, leading to more sales and brand loyalty.

Bharatji - Social Media Campain for Jewelry Brand
Bharatji Social Media Campaign - Jewel Oyster
Bharatji - Email Marketing For Jewelry Brand

A Win-Win Game

  • In a span of two years, the likes of Facebook page witnessed the whopping increase of 400 plus percentage.
  • Social media campaign with a #Hypnotize that focused on the mesmerizing feature of jewellery was highly appreciated on Facebook with total post engagement of 24,497 and impression of 1,39,449
  • SEO strategy increased the website traffic by more than 40%
  • Our Instagram story- ‘Yeh Diwali Sirf Bharatji’- of Diwali 2017 campaign got featured in Ahmedabad’s Instagram City Stories. The story revolved around customer purchase experience.

Bharatji Social Media Campaign - Forever
Bharatji Social Media Campaign - True Freedom
Bharatji Social Media Campaign - Promise
Bharatji Social Media Creatives - Sparkle and Shine
Bharatji - Father's Day Facebook Campaign
Bharatji - Diwali Social Media Campaign
Bharatji - Emailer Design
Bharatji - Email Newsletter Designs
Bharatji Beautiful Festival Mailers Designs

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