IGTV VS YOUTUBE: Which is better for digital marketing?

by Hiren Panchal  |  8th Feb, 2022 in Social Media
IGTV VS YOUTUBE: Which is better for digital marketing?

A study by DepositPhotos in 2021 showed that nearly 70% of people prefer watching short videos to reading. The research also shows that video content has a direct impact on sales. With about 2 million users on YouTube and 90% of the 1 million accounts on Instagram following a business, YouTube and IGTV on Instagram are among the two most popular video content channels. Almost every social media marketing agency in India advocates sharing video content as a part of your digital marketing efforts. The question is which platform to choose – IGTV or YouTube? Or rather, is one better than the other? Let’s see.

Difference between YouTube and IGTV
Comparing the two social media platforms, YouTube is older and more experienced than Instagram. While there were others before YouTube, it is arguably the first-ever platform to create an impact with video content. Many brands and influencers made their wealth through this channel, and it was the most popular channel for video content – at least until Instagram came along. With reels and IGTV, Instagram offers its users options for both long and short video content. While reels are not more than 60 seconds and stories stay online only for 24 hours, IGTV videos are up to an hour-long and permanent. YouTube has countered with YouTube Shorts – a relatively new option that allows you to upload shorter videos on YouTube. So is there a difference here? Is one better than the other? Let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits that these two competing platforms bring.


Collaboration with Creators
YouTube content creators have a genuine fan following and an increased number of loyalists. That’s why Hershey’s, collaborated with YouTube creators through Google’s YouTube BrandConnect and sold out their limited-edition product Hot Cocoa Kisses. YouTube artists’ channels solely drive a sharp 22% increase in purchase intent. On the other hand, a study of 54,000 IGTV videos by Conviva concludes that it’s a format that helps customers get an immersive experience. Further, the study shows that Instagrammers love IGTV series because of their long shelf-life. Creators like Atul Khatri and Saransh Goila have successfully utilised IGTV to increase followership by talking about “only positive news” and “74 new shades of India.” IGTV has an immersive appeal that users find lacking in YouTube – perhaps because of its vertical format.

When you have a complex product or concept that needs to be explained, YouTube is perhaps the way to go because the content there is easily shareable across platforms, which means more people will view the content and understand the value your product brings. ZAGG, the mobile accessories brand, successfully leveraged YouTube marketing by showing its users how to use their products. Its regular series of installation tips and tricks saw a 75% rise in conversions from about 100 videos in a year. Awesome right? Well, Zoho’s 2018 news reports that NASA uploaded educational videos on IGTV for 3D printing in space, and Buzzfeed created a Vertical campaign on IGTV. Both endeavoured to deliver a unique and unparalleled experience like never before. And both were successful.

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Target or Reach?
Not so long ago, YouTube interviewed Ruchi Mathur, Vice President at Mindshare, about the 2x increase in rural India’s reach for Pepsi’s Mountain Dew. According to Mathur, the YouTube campaign in rural UP showed a 34% rise in brand awareness coupled with a 6% increase in purchase intent. The campaign is proof that social media platforms like YouTube are great for a targeted reach. On the other hand, Mike Holston (@therealtarzann) reached a wider international audience through IGTV reports BusinessInstagram. So can we say that IGTV marketing is great for wide reach while YouTube works better for a targeted reach?


IGTV or YouTube Which to Choose?
There are a few more differences apart from the above. For instance, Instagram was primarily developed as a mobile-friendly platform. Although watching YouTube videos on mobiles is not that bad, Instagram does score a point there. Also, Instagram is where the youth flock, and it’s great for collecting a fan following. However, taking your fans to another platform can be a challenge. While IGTV delivers a seamless vertical scrolling experience, YouTube focuses on organic search intent cinematic and professional appeal with its horizontal videos. IGTV is also more intuitive as compared to YouTube. However, content on YouTube is more sharable as compared to Instagram, which does not allow sharing beyond the platform.

So, to answer the question, “Should I choose IGTV marketing or YouTube marketing,” the simple answer is that it depends upon your business and campaign goals. For instance, if you are merely looking to increase your reach, you’d likely want to leverage IGTV, which is easier to use, has a bigger audience, and provides a better experience. On the other hand, you might want to go the YouTube route if you are running a targeted campaign. Instagram is for those who want a quick look at the product, while YouTube is for an audience looking to learn more in detail about your brand or product. In short, both platforms have their benefits, so choose the one that best aligns with your goals. LitmusBranding, your social media marketing agency in India, is here to help. Call or write to us now, and we’ll help you decide.

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