How to choose a graphics design company?

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  10th May, 2021 in Branding

Graphic design companies do more than design logos. They design brochures, infographics, and your website pages too. In fact, whenever you think of any kind of image you think graphic design – and the internet is the first place to look. But Google spews out tons of results which can get you confused.

So here’s what you should consider when making your choice –

Decide – In three sentences
That’s the obvious first step and you can – or should – do it in three sentences by answering three questions – Why? When? And How Much? That is to say, you should put down your goal, your budget, and your timeline for whatever you are having designed in three sentences.

Try putting the reason you are looking for a graphics design company in a single sentence. For instance, I want brochure design services to design the leaflet for my new product. Or I need a logo design company in India to design the logo for my new startup. So back to paper and pen.

The Drawing Board
No wait! We’re not suggesting that you design the logo yourself – after all you have other things to do. But it is a good idea to know what you’re looking for – that is you should be clear on what you expect the logo design firm to offer. For instance, do you want them to create the design from scratch or are you fine with stock images? How creative do you want them to get? So take a peek into the world of design before you pin (ahem pen) down your designer.

What’s your user feeling?
Graphics evoke strong emotions – that’s why they call it look and feel. So pen down your user persona – their demographics and other aspects like are they a joyful bunch or the somber three-piece-suit exec types? Where do they work? What excites them? What puts them down? These are just a few of the questions that your potential graphic designer is likely to ask you. Putting them down in advance will help you make adjustments when you talk to the designer.

Portfolio Matters (Not?)
Portfolios matter sure. But relying on a portfolio alone is not a good idea. You should probe further. For instance, you can ask your logo design firm What inspired you to create the logo of  XXX company? Responses to such questions will tell you three things – what inspires the designer, can you establish a rapport with him and his skill. If he knows his job the excitement will seep through. When you look at the portfolio, pay attention to the shapes, color, texture, and font. You should see the designer’s unique style and if it aligns with your brand goals then that’s the one for you.

Give them a feel
Whether you are hiring a freelancer or a logo design company in India or elsewhere, you’re likely concerned about confidentiality – and you’re right. But do remember that they need to understand your brand for them to do justice to your design. If they do not have a good sense of your brand identity, statement, message, mission and vision, the design they create may not resonate with your consumers – or for that matter with you. So share as much information as you comfortably can.

Track Record
Trusting the first agency you find is never a good idea. Who knows they may be here today and gone tomorrow. And if you’re thinking – it’s just a logo – remember you might need to design other collaterals like bill boards, landing pages, booklets, leaflets, and so on. So if you are onboarding a graphics design company, it’s better to have someone who understands your needs and stays with you in the long term. So check the track record of the firm you select. If they have a fairly decent portfolio they’ve been around for a while and been around the block which means they will be able to understand your requirements and meet them.

Up-to-Date and Out of the Box
In the digital world, things change at the speed of lightning. Your graphics design agency should know about the latest trends and implement them in the design. For instance, apart from the standard monochromatic or triadic color schemes, inspired and imaginative designers frequently experiment with new combinations. Besides, when it comes to feelings, certain emotions are associated with a certain category of products – for instance a courier service should portray efficiency while a pastry should evoke feelings of lust and greed. Your chosen graphic design company should be aware of these nuances and trends. If their team is imaginative and bold enough to buck the trend they will be worth every penny you pay them, and if they can offer you more – like linking you to their social media or designing your website, – well that’s icing on the cake.

Attention to Detail
This definitely deserves a separate mention. Why? Because when it comes to creativity, quality peeks through the tiny chunks of detail that many fail to notice but which contribute to the big picture. Here’s a simple example – your logo appears on the header of every page on your website but if it shifts oh-so-slightly every time you visit a new page it can greatly impact the UX (User Experience) and we all know how important that is. Little things like your brand name being prominent despite a cluttered design or conversely, how organized the image is and whether order in chaos is apparent can make or mar your brand. Look for clues when you browse through a potential designer’s portfolio.

Litmus branding offers logo and brochure design services in India. We hope reading this has helped you gain insight into the world of graphic design. If you need more information, it’s easy to reach us.

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