Find out if seasonal packaging is the right fit for your brand

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  15th Apr, 2022 in Packaging
Find out if seasonal packaging is the right fit for your brand

As the seasons change, so do people’s buying habits. If your business isn’t prepared for the seasonal changes, you could miss out on many potential sales. One way to capitalise on seasonal changes is by using seasonal packaging.

Well-designed seasonal packaging enables brands to stand out from the rest, offer a unique experience to customers, and create a connection with them. It can also help businesses increase sales during the holiday season or other peak seasons. And if you are unsure if seasonal packaging is the right fit for your brand, many packaging design companies can help you create the perfect design.

When Should You Use Seasonal Packaging?

The scope of seasonal packaging varies depending on the product and the demographics. In the United States, for example, many packaging design companies create packaging that is specific to the winter holidays (like Christmas packaging). On the other hand, in countries such as Japan, seasonal packaging is a year-long affair.

So, should you use seasonal packaging?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors. First of all, consider your brand’s image. If your brand is known for being festive and fun, then using seasonal packaging could be a great way to align your branding with your products.

Another factor to consider is what time of year it is. If it’s close to a holiday, then your packaging could reflect the holiday spirit, using seasonal packaging could be a great way to capitalise on the holiday buzz.

Generally, seasonal packaging is designed around the following occasions:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day

If you’re not sure whether seasonal packaging is the right fit for your brand, contact a packaging design company for help. They can advise you on the latest packaging designs that are currently trending and which ones would be a good fit for your products.

Inspiring Seasonal Food Packaging Designs

1. Coca-Cola Summer Packaging Design

This campaign by Coca-Cola back in 2009-2010 celebrates the festive spirit of the summer season. The graphics on the can was designed by Turner Duckworth and were displayed in-store and in select TV spots. The designs were also used on t-shirts, hats, and beach towels. Five such cans were released overall which culminated with the 4th of July holiday can designs.

2. Budweiser Winter Packaging Design

In 2016, Budweiser launched limited-edition holiday packaging that was designed in partnership with Jones Knowles Ritchie New York. The classic red and white showcased the Christmas holiday cheer along with the brand’s strongest equities – the seasonal aluminium bottles.

3. Oreo Halloween Packaging Design

Oreo’s 2019 Halloween cookies left a lasting impression of the spooky season in consumers’ minds. The brand featured five Halloween designs on the cookies, including a witch on a broomstick, a jack-o-lantern, a spiderweb, and ‘boo!’ with a ghost. However, the same cookies were also released a year before, in 2018.

4. Nescafé Gold Augmented Reality (AR) Edition Packaging

In 2021, Nescafé Gold Blend released its limited-edition jar offering consumers an interactive experience that would light up their holidays. The packaging featured a QR code that offered consumers special recipes to try at home when scanned. However, this packaging was initially limited to the UK and Ireland only.

Tips for Creating Your Seasonal Packaging

1. Increase product appeal by using bright and festive colours.

When it comes to seasonal packaging, the brighter and more festive the colours, the better. This will help in catching the attention of your product and increase its Brand appeal.

Consider using holiday-themed colours such as red and green for Christmas packaging, pastels for Easter packaging, orange and black for Halloween packaging, or pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day packaging.

If you’re not sure what colours to use, consulting with packaging design companies might help. They’ll be able to recommend the latest packaging designs, and colours that are popular right now, which will align well with your brand image.

2. Add value to your packaging

If you’re looking to add value to your packaging, consider using holiday-themed packaging inserts. This could include festive stickers, gift tags, or even small gifts like candy or toys.

Adding value to your packaging will make your product stand out from the competition and make it more appealing to customers. It can also help boost sales during the holiday season.

3. Personalise when possible

Personalisation can make customers feel special and appreciated, which can lead to increased loyalty and sales. Whenever possible, try to offer personalised packagings, such as a customer’s name or a special message.

Personalisation can be as simple as adding a festive sticker, or it can be more elaborate, like including a token gift with the purchase. Whatever you choose, make sure it is well-executed and aligned with your brand image.

4. Have a promotional strategy ready

If you’re releasing seasonal packaging, you’ll want to have a promotional strategy ready to go. This could include social media posts, in-store displays, or even TV commercials.

Make sure your promotional materials are well designed and aligned with your packaging. This will help create a cohesive branding experience for customers and make your product more memorable.

The Bottom Line

Packaging is an important part of any brand’s marketing strategy. When done correctly, seasonal packaging can help drive sales and attract the limelight to your product. If you’re still not sure that seasonal packaging is the right fit for your brand, contacting a packaging design company might be the right call. They’ll be able to recommend colours, designs, and strategies that will help your product make a mark in this fierce competition.

For tailored solutions, connect with us at Litmus Branding. We are packaging design professionals and will help you create custom packaging that ensures your products stand out and leave a lasting impression.

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