Every Activity Can be an Art

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by Litmus Branding  |  3rd Sep, 2015 in Self Discovery

Art is not about substances; it is about the intent and communication.

Every activity in life can be the form of an art.

Putting your heart and soul in cooking a lip-smacking dinner for your family is an art

Raising the natural inquisitiveness of a child through a lesson in history could be an expression of art

Taking a photo? That’s an art too!
Composing music? Of course art!
Soaking up nature? Absolutely!
Working out? Yes, an art!
Taking care of yourself? This too is art!

Every conscious act we create is an art form because it manifests creation. Art does not refer to a particular gene or even a talent. It’s simply an attitude driven by culture. The most uplifting aspect is that anyone passionately involved in his/her work can create art.

Art doesn’t restrict itself to Objets de Desir displayed or sold in gilded Baroque Grecian galleries. Nor is art something that is performed only on stage, ancient temples, under the harsh arc lights, before gaping audience. Art refers to the work of a human being; a unique work that touches another person. Art is not the result of an action; it is the commencement of a journey. Choosing a journey that seems worthy enough for you to follow as a road map for life is the real challenge of life.

Each one of us is born to create. All we need to do is find an expression. We can create things intentionally or passively. While an artist creates paintings, a child might create his own art with finger paints or mud. Once you start seeing the routine and ordinary things of life spring up as distinctive art forms, you will begin to recognize the swell of creativity that lies bundled within you.

There is no need to get hold of a paintbrush to paint. Charlie Chaplin was an artist par excellence. The person who designed the iPod, Jonathan Ive was also an artist. You can create with oil paints, marble or just a bunch of ideas. You could be working with numbers, creating business models or even communicating with your customers and still be hailed as an artist.

So, how do you create art? Delve deep into yourself and find out what is the one subject that consumes you totally and wholeheartedly. Then, explore the best way to express your innermost feelings. This exercise will reveal the passion that will help you embark on the greatest journey of life. It would help you discover hidden concepts, unravel the grand pattern of life and dig newer experiences. This will also help in sustain difficult phases of life.

So, why don’t you consider yourself an artist?
You may not be a person who goes to art shows or one who creates paintings that sell. Yet, you could easily set aside some time to meet the inner artist in you. All you need to do is  wake him up. A few illustrative cases may make this point clearer:

– Ed Walsh (61) thought he was a creative teacher. However, upon retirement, he discovered that it was painting that gave him the higher level of satisfaction.
– Judy Greenberg (65) created a new purpose in her life through art. This not only made her a happier person, but also gave her the inner strength to deal with the premature loss of one of Judy’s sons.

Many of us resort to artistic pursuits upon retirement. It make them come alive to feelings that they have never experienced before. Is that not a good enough reason to light up your heart?

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