A Case of Creative Boomerang

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by Litmus Branding  |  4th Oct, 2017 in Social Media

See the accompanying Facebook creative that we posted on Litmus Branding’s Facebook page last year on Dussehra.

This Dussehra it went viral and guess who shared it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts?

The Likes of Stand-up Comedian Sunil Grover on Twitter

Bollywood celeb Suniel Shetty on Instagram and Twitter

Popular NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar on Facebook

Versatile Film Actor Irrfan Khan on Facebook

Celebrated Urdu poet and Bollywood lyricist Dr Rahat Indori on Facebook

Television star Karan Kundrra on Facebook



The list is in-exhaustive.

And even as we are still counting, taking stock and penning this blog, there are posts flying in thick and fast from a glut of friends and clients who are/have wished us ‘Happy Dussehra’ with our own 2016 post!

Isn’t that delicious?

They say imitation is the best form of praise. But this is more like a case of ‘Creative Boomerang’?

No doubt, our 2016 Dussehra post is nice and thought-provoking.  It’s very well crafted and conceived, as we are sure thousand other posts circulating the web on Dussehra must be.

So what makes it so special, nay, shareable?

We think it’s the fact that it hits hard at common consciousness.

It drives home a universal truth.

Any post for that matter has the intrinsic potential of being shareable, when it appears to be speaking Me-truth. When it touches a chord within and transcends all barriers of age, creed, sexism, — indeed, all isms.

In that sense a post is eminently sharable, we feel when someone feels – what’s been said cannot be said better, or in more poignant terms or rather cannot be said more simply – Let’s Kill the Ravan Within.

The rest of the job is being carried out by the image– The negative forces are casting a long shadow on the opposite wall, but the Ram is strong enough to kill it and keep those forces at bay.

The interpretation is simple enough – the evil lies within us, and often mirrors itself on the wall, but are we strong and truthful enough to acknowledge, identify and kill it.

It doesn’t preach. It asks to practice, which is more difficult and only the strong are able to face that truth. Please notice how only the strong among our celebrities have been able to spot this universal truth in this creative and found it worth their while to share it.

Some two years ago, we decided to stop sending general wishes to our clients and friends on important festive occasions. We realized we didn’t want to bombard them with Me-too kind of posts and be lost in the labyrinth. Instead, we wanted to seize this opportunity and wanted to prod and prick their consciousness and gently nudge them into action.

That started a new series – Creative Consciousness and even designed a logo for it and we are happy to note that the result of that campaign are now self-evident.

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