A letter from our #25yearsyoung co-founder – Hiren Panchal

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  21st Aug, 2021 in Uncliche
A letter from our #25yearsyoung co-founder – Hiren Panchal

There’s something special about milestones. They make us smile, they make us proud, they make us reflect and they also make us better. While there are different ways to perceive these milestones, one thing about them remains unchanged: only people along the journey make these milestones more special. Such is the belief of my friend, Hiren, who accomplished yet another milestone this year (that too on his birthday). Read more about that in his open letter that he wrote to every person who made his journey more adventurous, meaningful and exciting.

An Open Letter to Everyone
Who Made Me #25YearsYoung

Dear growth partner,

Today, I write this to you with utmost gratitude. Whether you are a partner in business, a partner in crime, or a partner for growth, you hold a special place in my head and heart. You’re probably thinking “Why today of all days is he expressing his gratitude?”

Well, today is special to me.

On this day, 25 years ago, I joined the advertising and marketing industry. Like every rookie filled with immense passion and courage, I took the leap. I learned everything I could, to understand every department within the business and every clients’ business within any sector.

Never had I ever imagined to see this day. To the day I would be called a “veteran” or “an old hand in the industry”. In fact, people who know me, know that I would not like to be called any of that. Why? Because this industry keeps me young, wild and free. Today, I am #25YearsYoung in this industry and a greater chunk of the credit goes to the people who made me myself – you guys!

Every employee, colleague, partner, vendor, client or even competitor of the past or present has made me who I am today. I learned with every argument, every laugh, every bad meeting, every brand launch, every ad release, every bad budget, every tight timeline and every good day, that I love this industry. I learned that I can do what I set my mind to and make magic happen.

From being inspired by my daughter’s creations to making our clients’ business our baby too – I have come a long way with you by my side. So, thank you for being part of my journey, for pushing me in ways I never imagined would work for me, for giving me what I deserved when I deserved it and for bearing with my finicky quirks at every step of the way.

What next? I want to continue feeling younger in the industry. I want to be always ready to learn something new, grow into something more and be nothing less than the best. I know for sure that I can count on each one of you to make this happen. To turn the ultimate dream into a reality.

One last time,
Thank you for always making me feel

Forever grateful and yours truly,
Hiren Panchal
Co-Founder & Promoter

Well, I believe that this letter holds a special place in the heart of all those who’ve known Hiren and also all those who’ve known Litmus.
P.S.: Hiren, we all wish that you continue to grow younger with each passing year. Congratulations on this beautiful milestone, and a very happy birthday too!

Founder - Chairman
Who am I?
The name that was given to me and a few designations after that.

But here’s how I define this ‘who’-
The one who is still unsuccessful in breaking the myth, “truth is only that which I have understood”.

The one who finds joy in coming across the perfect ideas through बातचीत.

The one who struggles to improve his net game on the tennis court.

And the one who wants to ‘Just Be’.

Just be present with full absence & be absent with full presence.

That’s who I am.

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