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Website Design and Development

The systematic blend of the latest web development trends
along with a cohesive design should aim at optimizing
the digital experience along with personalization.

Gone are the days when users verified the authenticity of the products in the physical store before buying them from a website. Days have come when products or services are considered competitive and modish only if they have an online presence. Considering this scenario, at Litmus, we provide website design services that translate the physical experience into the digital store through an interactive and animated user interface.

As a professional web design company, we understand the ever-evolving field of website development services and adopt the new trends that stir up the curiosity and communicate with the users in a fun and intuitive way. With the use of progressive web apps that deliver the app-like experience on websites, we try to engage your audience while smartly educating them about your business.

Fact 1

48% of users say that if they arrive on business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.

Fact 2

94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.

Fact 3

Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.

With motion user interface, inspiring photo and video stories, your customers will absolutely adore crawling through the website to experience something unique. Right from the color, font, layouts and the SEO optimized content, we decide them well in advance based on your user’s taste. This helps in brand building and in turn, leads to higher conversion rates.

With more advancement in this field, many are embracing the simplicity of single page and static page websites that successfully provide to the point information without incorporating the complex navigation or multiple menus that often confound the users. As a web design agency, we offer these modern solutions to our customers who want to make their presence felt online and create an impact.

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