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A corporate identity or logo designing simplifies your product in the consumer’s mind space. It gives a distinct symbolic identity to your brand in a market cluttered with undifferentiated products. Logo designing is your business signature - it gives your brand a stamp of ownership. You get identified by the short code, i.e. by your logo designing. More than aesthetics, every line, every color, every flourish must have a meaning attached to it, otherwise you are not making use of the full potential of this symbolism. 

One might say that your logo hides more than it reveals. But what it actually hides is a pregnant promise. It teases; it tantalizes; it mystifies. But it also reveals – a brand’s aspiration and where it wants to go. Think Adam’s, oops Steve Job’s Apple, or Nike’s swastika. There is a whole history, a market rationale behind that kind of symbolism.

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