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A Hallowed Institute

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) need no introduction. IIM, Udaipur is one of the more recent entrants into this elite club. The challenge before us was to work with an established brand, delve into its rich legacy and position it a notch higher. It called for a deep understanding of what IIMU stood for,and where we could take the brand.

IIM Udaipur Logo Design
IIM Udaipur Logo
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Financial Market
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design Front Page
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Recruitement Page
IIM Udaipur Brochure - Institute Brochure Design
IIM Udaipur Student Photo
IIM Udaipur Camus Life Photo
IIM Udaipur Brochures Front Cover
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Environment
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Learning
IIM Udaipur Magazine Design - CSR Matrix Page
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Key Finding Block
IIM Udaipur Magazine - Front Cover

Making ā€˜Uā€™ Count

When we started work with them, the first thing we figured was that their brand identity was non-differentiated from other IIMs and there was a clear lack of consistency across their brochures, reports and marketing collaterals.

IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Institute Building
IIM Udaipur Camus Photo
IIM Udaipur Library Photo

Getting into It

We started with their Brochure Design, giving it a professional yet vibrant and youthful feel to attract both their corporate partners and students.

IIM Udaipur Website Design
IIM Udaipur Responsive Website Designing
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Key Building Block
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Objectives Page
IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Faculty
IIM Udaipur Brand Identity - Brochure Front

The Design Edge

Their range of programme Brochures and Report Design received positive feedback from stakeholders. That enhanced their confidence and set the stage for a deeper involvement between us, an association which is now in its fourth successful year.

IIM Udaipur Brochure Design - Women Entrepreneurs
IIM Udaipur Brochure Jacket Design

Extending their Identity

We successfully extended their print identity to a website design that would reflect the dynamic spirit of this scion of the IIM family. Their revamped bilingual website established a new design paradigm and approach that was based on dynamism of the user experience and development.

IIM Udaipur - Print Leaflets Design

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