Brand Identity

Let’s talk about weaving a story with different brand elements
that unanimously define your brand personality.
Let’s talk about how corporate identity design companies can crown everything that goes out of your company!

A Cohesive Messaging

A brand that has consistency has the surreal power over the perceptions people have about their product. This perception is crafted by design intelligence of the brand identity design agencies, like Litmus, who weaves the visual language for brands to communicate.
A clear identity is like a great sales tool which sells itself among the audience and does the work of seamlessly subsiding in the subconscious mind of your consumer. It builds a focused, reliable, and genuine persona for a brand, the one who knows what they are doing. As one of the agencies offering corporate identity design services, we know that a brand identity carries a whole lot of weightage in the market.

Indelible Impact

Undoubtedly, the brand’s success is measured in the way the consumers perceive it.
Hence, everything matters when it comes to design the strategy to project your brand, from its look, the smell, the touch and in cases of consumables, even taste. Litmus is one of those brand identity design agencies who blend together different brand elements like the company’s name, logo, colour palette, letterhead, etc. to build a corporate identity. We help your brand narrate its own story even through the minutest stationery designs to the biggest signage that is not just emotionally stirring but leaves an indelible impact on the market.

Fact 1

First impressions are incredibly important to develop loyalty; 48% consumers report that they are more likely to become loyal to a brand during the first purchase or experience.

Fact 2

Color is a huge factor of brand recognition. A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.

Fact 3

According to Reuters, 82% of investors believe that brand strength and name recognition are becoming more important in guiding them in their investment decisions.

Carrying the Consistency

At Litmus, our creative team crafts a plan to roll out your distinct identity through every possible segment of your brand collaterals. We create a strong blueprint that maintains consistency in its communication and visual elements and that calls for a better brand recall value. It is equally important that as a corporate identity design company, we highlight the singularity of your brand from the rivals.

Shrugging off the ‘tried and tested’ approaches, we love to chart a novel route and accept every challenge that comes our way. Not just for startups, if you feel that your product or service has not been able to promote its USP among the consumers, reputation rebuild through unifying all brand elements is one of the major parts of our corporate identity design services.

Comprehensive Brand Personalisation

Brand identity must be sustainable. Strategy and design walk hand-in-hand to deliver the brand values that resonate with the audience at multiple levels. We are one of those corporate identity design companies who live up to the promise of profound strategizing; drafting a cohesive plan that ensures brand success.

Brand identity design is one of the key components of your marketing strategy, be it internal or external. Consistency ensures retention. From your letterheads, presentation templates, signage, hoarding, business cards, office stationeries, to y our pantry poster—everything demands a constructive consistency. That’s what we promise at Litmus, your next brand identity design agency partner.

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