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by Litmus Branding  |  6th Jul, 2015 in Litmus Way

The past year has been a big year for Litmus

2014-15 have been watershed years for Litmus.

The year when we made two times the progress, we make in one.

We’ve made some tremendous progress; doubled our existing client list; shed some deadwood; trimmed and added value to our portfolio so we can double our focus on our customers and help them take a long-term strategic view of their investments and how we can help them create more value for our customers through Litmus’s creative service offerings.

None of this is a mean achievement and we thank our clients for reposing so much trust in us.

Number of projects are up by double digits and, we can say so, Litmus is growing “faster than the industry average,” – altogether a dizzy, heady feeling!

This unprecedented progress has created a renewed sense of excitement and joie de vivre in us. It feels like everybody in Litmus is part of a large startup, where things are happening so fast, we often have to rush to take stock and implement change. This kind of progress is unleashing a hidden, entrepreneurial spirit in each one of us, while also throwing open a gushing stream of creativity and innovation that have always been the hallmark of  Litmus output.

In short, 2015-2016, when Litmus completes 14 years of existence marks the beginning of bigger things. We already sense the wheels of change in motion and the momentum is picking up for the smart juggernaut.

People often ask which advertising agency comes up with hugely successful campaigns, but the truth is that the branding is a full-time, continuous engagement with a client. Once you have set the change in motion, there can be no turning back, around or sideways.

With our collaborative approach and by putting our heads together with the client, we know we are able to come up with better, thought-out decisions. This has been the Litmus culture since the beginning. We carefully brought on board people who share our values. We wanted people to collaborate; we wanted clients to be heard and it’s been happening. Litmus is driven by the culture of meritocracy, where no one is afraid to speak up and the smartest idea is the one that gets finally executed, no matter where it came from.

The team mates of this young, vibrant creative hot shop identify integrity, uniqueness and continual change as our core values. And if you were to ask us where do we see Litmus in 2020, our answer would be – right at the beginning of another massive change!

Litmus Branding

Litmus makes your brand accessible to your target consumer. While retaining elements of mystique, we strive to build lasting rapport and trust between brands and consumers through strategic creative thinking.

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