The Impact of Packaging Design on a Brand

by Shreyas Nair  |  20th Oct, 2022 in Packaging
The Impact of Packaging Design on a Brand

Packaging commands multiple factors in order to not only make an impact but the right impact, for the product and the brand. Just as products keep evolving, so do the packages that they come in. The way people view brands and products as consumers, changes over time. Priorities change when it comes to what a brand or product represents based on the materials used and the environmental impact. These are now topics of concern that consumers did not give much thought to previously.

Evolution of Packaging

Packaging has dramatically changed in the past decades and so have delivery services alongside. With delivery services becoming more efficient, the packaging of products has been able to simplify and become more minimalistic. The previously required buffer for products has become less prominent. This does not just include the physical footprint of the packaging but the environmental footprint as well.

Advancements involve trial and learning about the process along the way. Much like using the scientific method, taking data in all aspects involved and recording the results over time is what yields the best results to make adjustments as needed in order to achieve the desired results. This generality is no different in any industry.

Over time consumers, or people of the world, have found out that using different materials made an impact on shipping. Transitioning to recyclable goods in addition to reusable goods made an environmental impact. Rather than using materials that were known to be disposable consumers and brands decided that tailoring to this known would help prevent waste.

Doing this also changed the focus of people involved in the process. Lighter materials mean less weight which not only helps with delivery but also lessens the weight on a freight vehicle which incurs less gas usage ending in fewer emissions. Additionally, lighter packing allows for a wider range of people to deliver creating more work opportunities.

While most people may not realize the impact these changes in packing make throughout the system, they may also not realize the impact that design attributes have in the process.

Differing Industries

Packaging ideas change based on the industry with the products involved. A packaging branding agency will ensure that the proper graphics are implemented based on the brand and product involved. Major brands will always have their logo placed on any package or product that is produced by them. A packaging design company knows the difference between the two and knows where to place the importance and impact.

In an industry such as pharmaceuticals, there are specific guidelines that must be met in order for the product to even be dispersed to the consumer and depending on the product the delivery. The level of packaging required will be the deciding factor in the needs. A packaging design company will make sure that the creativity factor is met based on the product and brand’s needs specific to the requirements that need to be addressed.

When looking at the food industry, the packaging is completely different and can require a focus that is mainly on the design rather than the requirements.

With a brand like Kelesta, which is for natural beauty products, the design of the label is what makes the packaging stand out. It puts emphasis on the product and what makes it genuine compared to the physical package that it comes in. Most industries use the same packaging based on their requirements and needs. Having the right packaging design company that applies the appropriate graphics is what will make a product stand out in the sea of products.

Standing Out

When facing similar packaging, having the right branding agency can ensure that the product not only stands out amongst the masses but is equally as important as making the representation of the brand shine through.

In the food industry, creative food packaging can make a consumer walk through an aisle and decide to choose a different product on a whim compared to another. This is where having a brand agency that can apply the proper attributes through graphics will create a presence.

Food Related

Sabi Foods is a prime example of how the design on packaging can emulate the representation of a specific product. With Pattu, the concept was the product was to represent its use. Creating a balance between a direct representation of the product with subtle undertones with the rest of the packaging was used in order to provide a proper representation of the physical element with the actual use.

On a different note, when dealing with a different aspect of the food industry, such as Anand Namkeen, it is important to appreciate the differences that help represent the product and brand’s needs. Snacks can be a harder barrier to break when it comes to attracting a consumer.

Visual cues are a prominent necessity in this area. Having vibrant colours to naturally attract the eye gains traction, but having proper photography in order to represent what is inside the packaging is what can sell someone who may be “window shopping” for something new. Taking the appropriate colours with a package not only attract the eye but subtly represent the vibe a product is meant to represent.

Having a font can change the impact visually as well. When these applications coincide with each other it pulls together the correct representation that makes a consumer make a decision and experience the product for what it is. With Anand Namkeen it was a matter of catching the eye in order to have a better focus on the item itself, because sometimes the product speaks louder in terms of the packaging alone.


example of best packaging that impact on brand.

Standing out can clearly make a difference visually, except when it doesn’t. Taking a brand like Bondzil, which is a silicone sealant, was a matter of looking at competitors and realizing what they were missing, which was simplification. Overcrowding the packaging of a product with information can deter people from wanting to even know more about it. With Bondzil, it was about letting the product speak for itself and making the difference between the variations they offer based on their application, stand out. Providing the important information and letting go of excess created a new way to attract the eye simplification.

Something to Remember

In general, the packaging is almost like a window into the product. In some instances, the packaging does not allow for the product to physically be seen so it can show itself. “There’s more to a book than its cover” is true, but sometimes having the right cover is what makes someone invest in the book. Having a branding agency that can adjust to package design needs can be what makes or breaks a product from actually reaching the consumer.

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