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This was my fifth project with this provider and there is a reason I keep coming back. They have excellent ideas, reasonable prices, and deliver the final product with exceptional quality and timeliness every time. You wont regret choosing Litmus for your next project.

Jackie | print, USA

Very good!!!!! Everything exceeded my expectations.

Alexis P. Goncalves | web, USA

Excellent provider. Decent communication, understand your ideas and can translate them into the right concept. Will definitely use them again.

Kami Zargari | print, USA

Great job! We really had a good time working with Litmus. They were courteous and helpful and took care of out every need, even when we asked a lot from them. Very reasonable with price as well! Thanks!

James Cox | print, USA

Excellent work yet again! There's a reason why I keep turning to Team Litmus time and time again... their work has been consistently top grade every time I've called upon their services. Keep up the great work!

Talhah Kamal | branding, Canada

All round a professional and pleasant service, responsive and work done to a high level. Recommended.

Tony Brown | branding, UK

The guys at Litmus are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. If you\'re looking for friendly, professional designers that get the job done, call Litmus.

Thio Chong | web, Singapore

Litmus did a SUPER job with designing my logo and brochure! They demonstrated exceptional patience, creativity, and professionalism. Will definitely use them again.

Dr. Robert Cohen, M.D. | print, USA

Litmus was very responsive and adhered to the time schedule as planned. I would recommend them to anyone and I would surely use them again.

David Welton | packaging, USA

Excellent work. Very professional and a friendly service as always!!!

Chetan Patel | packaging, India

It has been such a pleasure working with Litmus on our latest Packaging and we are totally pleased with the final result. They were so in tune with our ideas and concept that it seems like they had a 6th sense!

Vinod Patel | packaging, India

Litmus Team is a joy to work with - perceptive and able to accept a challenge, define a client's business "problem" and present striking and valuable solutions.

Mark Wynn | web, France

I was so happy with this provider that I immediately gave a second job to them. Excellent service, very prompt and professional with communication, including a detailed contract and brief sheet at the beginning of the job (something others could learn from!), and perfect implementation of instructions to create a new brochure with no fuss. If only every provider was as wonderful as this one! I look forward to using them on many more jobs.

Luci Temple | print, Australia

Fantastic! Really did a great job. I felt that I was the one holding the project back. These guys are professionals and take the project seriously. Everything was done quickly and very high quality of work.

Brian Davis | print, USA

Litmus was a fantastic provider. They were patient with me and worked with me to make my brochure exactly the way I envisioned it. Thanks again.

Ariel Remer | print, Canada

Litmus Team understood my requirements with so much of patience and designed the brochure just as I expected it would look, particularly colorful. Swift & Superior service.

Jagdish Agrawal | print, India

Great company to work with. They did an outstanding job with my brochures. We look forward to working with them again.

Derek Jones | print, USA

I keep coming back to litmus because they are so dedicated. They were given a very timeframe - too tight - and unfortunately we ran over a little bit, but anyone else would have taken longer again. It\'s a relief to have someone who can turn around a project so quickly.

Luci Temple | print, Australia

One of the best agencies I have had the opportunity to work with. They far exceeded our expectations in every way.

Ramesh Vachchani | branding, India

Once again tremendous work from “Litmus” team! Would highly recommend this provider for logo and identity development, they are spot on!

Jon Stahlman, M.D. | branding, USA

Litmus is excellent to work with. They are very flexible and responsive. I will definitely work with them again, high quality work, too! I highly recommend them!!!

Stephanie Brown | web, USA

Always a pleasure working with this provider! My repeated business can attest to that.

Jackie | web, USA

They were very easy to work with and provided a product that i was very happy with.

Aaron Walsh | web, Australia

I love going back to Team Litmus time and time again. Their work is creative, timely, and cost effective ... truly one of the best providers. Special thanks for accommodating my tight deadline.

Talhah Kamal | web, India

When we thought to re-design our corporate identity with a short list of top providers, there were a number of qualified providers to choose from, but we choose Litmus. And we realized that we were absolutely right. They are the most professionals and responsive.

Manoj Sahani | branding, India

We never imagined that our identity could be enhanced to such a great extent. You did much more than we expected and we very much appreciate the extra effort that you made to ensure that everything was just perfect.

Utpal Shah | branding, India

The Final product is excellent, and the experience in getting to the final product is as always pleasurable.

Voicetel | branding, India

They were thorough professional and did a wonderful creation for my logo design.

Tom | branding, USA

Thank you Litmus for creating our logo. We love our new design and we are excited about sharing it with others.

Natalie Prochacova | branding, Canada

Litmus is one of the best providers that I have ever worked with at eLance. Not only did they deliver an incredibly nice logo, they were professional, courteous and wonderful to work with. This was my first project with Litmus, but I have already hired them for another project!

Melissa Chang | branding, USA

Litmus is a professional/caring group. Work product adheres to this but also handling customers and duties. Thoroughly impressed!

Richard Stanton | branding, USA

Litmus was fantastic to deal with. 100 percent professional and 24 hour turn-arounds (almost every time). I Will defiantly use their services again!

Tom | branding, USA

The Logo was exactly what I asked for! Unique & Creative. Thank you very much!!!

Tim Brown | branding, USA

Litmus did a great job with my company logo. They gave me a lot of options every round of review...and they were very patient with me as I had a lot of requests. I definitely recommend them.

Kenneth Kolbe | branding, USA

At Vallabh Bio Science, we can't always envisage when or how big our orders will be. We require suppliers that give solutions not excuses. Litmus is that type of partner. Whether it is packaging we need quickly or suggestions of new ways to package our ever-changing product line, Litmus is immediate to react.

Anoop Chaturvedi | branding, India

Great work as always! Quick response, fast job! I will use Litmus again and again!

Jeremiah Beaudry | branding, USA

Litmus was a complete pleasure to work with and we will certainly be using their services again. 10/10!

Shar Alikhani, M.D. | branding, USA

Litmus was simply outstanding. They did the most outstanding job i can never get with any other provider.

Nehal Deliwala | branding, UK

Really great pleasure to work with!!!

Tom | print, UK

Litmus carried the work on my project professionally and effectively. They were flexible in their approach and quick to respond to queries and suggestions. I am very happy with the outcome of the work on my project and I am very happy to recommend Litmus to others.

Patrick Daly | print, Ireland

Amazing work. Best logo work i have ever seen! I love these guys! but shhhh i dont want you to take them from me.

Dawson Russell | branding, USA

Again, a great experience to work with to_litmus. Their team is extremely professional and continues to exceed expectations in all areas. Thanks for a great job!

Reggie Mars | branding, USA

Fantastic provider! I've used Litmus on 3 projects, and hope they''ll work with me again on many more. Litmus always succeeds in giving 100%.

Luci Temple | branding, Australia

Corporate Identity looks great, Litmus has done a really professional job, we are so happy with the end result.

Alex Wang | branding, USA

Excellent experience, very responsive and great final result.

Ted Nugent | packaging,

Absolutely excellent provider. Work was done professionally and on time. I would highly recommend them to anybody.

Talhah Kamal | packaging, Canada

Litmus is a really creative partner. They are brainy, hardworking, and dedicated to delivering high quality solutions within deadlines. At Litmus, the customer is very much the king and is treated accordingly, yes… genuinely.

Chetan Patel | packaging, India

Litmus brings a significant amount of creativity and drive to their projects. I really esteemed their ability to take my vague thoughts and combine them into the concept I was looking for.

Jennifer Savage | web, Canada

The team carried the project through all of the challenges exceptionally. There are other teams out there that are cheaper but you can never be certain in their ability to carry the project as expected. Choose Litmus and you will get what you pay for: Quality, Communication and Commitment. Thank you guys.

Daniel Zayets-Volshin | print, USA

Litmus is great. I'd love to work with them again. They have restored my faith in farming out to off sure providers. They handled my continuous request for detailed updates and revisions with no problem; I am very demanding/tough on providers. Thanks guys.

Von Harden | print, USA

Litmus provided a really top quality service and project managed me as well as themselves!! Will definitely work with them again.

Mat Atkinson | print, UK

Excellent service provider. Would highly recommend to anyone needing brochure design work..... !

Ray Brasga | print, USA

Pleasure working with Litmus again, excellent provider on all levels.

David Baker | print, Canada

Litmus is a professional provider that worked hard to meet my expectations. Highly recommended!

Steve Karnadi | print, The Netherlands

The design service that Litmus provides us with is not only 100% consistent but is fresh, forward thoughts and creative and always meets our needs!

Althea Lawton | print, USA

I was very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism exhibited. I plan to use them for my next project.

Debra Koemer | print, USA

Pleased with the final result of my brochure. Would use again.

Pamela | branding, USA

Once again, Litmus delivered as requested. These guys are definitely my go-to for graphic design. They get real creative eye.

Paul Marshall | branding, USA

I found the team's creativity to match the style I asked for and the response time was fantastic for drafts and revisions. Thank you!

Scott Herrick | web, Switzerland

They were completely worked as per my company name – “Swift”. Great Pleasure to work with!!!!

Amit Khosla | web, India

I am constantly thankful and humbled by Litmus Team’s superior work, and the astonishing spirit in which they help me with all of the marketing material. I am not only a customer; I am one of their biggest fan!

Pranav Parekh | web, India

I have worked with Litmus on a number of projects over the last few months, and have been delighted with both the work process & the finished results. I would have no uncertainty whatsoever in recommending Litmus to others, in fact we already have.

Mark Moss | web, USA

Litmus had done real wonderful job! We have received many compliments on your creative and artistic work!

Boss | branding, India

Litmus is a design agency you can trust. From its top quality work to its professional team, to its attention to detail and its proficient productivity, you can't go wrong with this company. I had real pleasure working with Litmus for several projects and their work always exceeds my expectations. Two thumbs up for them.

Backbone | branding, India

I was absolutely delighted with the work that Litmus did on this project. The quality of all 13 logos including my company “WildChildWeb” was excellent, the work was completed in a timely fashion, and their instructions for making alterations to the logos were spot-on. This was a far-ranging project with unusual specs, plus I''m very picky, so making me this happy is no mean feat. I would recommend Litmus to anyone seeking a creative, strategic, and highly professional job.

Kim S-R | branding, Australia

From our project brief they produced designs that were just what we were looking. They were prompt with the work and provided excellent communications along the way.

Jason Taylor | branding, Australia

Excellent designs, from drafts to completion. Quick response times and helpful communication. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking logo design work or graphical design in general.

Dhruv Maheshwari | branding, USA

Worked with me until we got it right. Listened to my ideas and thoughts and delivered a logo design on which I am proud to associate with my business.

John Thompson | branding, USA

Litmus did everything I asked them to do exactly as I asked. They also walked me thru the steps. I will be using them many more times in the future.

Matthew Chiu | branding, USA

Litmus has done multiple logo design projects for me and I am always, always pleased with the results.

Melissa Chang | branding, USA

Great pleasure to work with “My Own” Team - Litmus!!!!

Dhaval Khant | branding, India

What makes Litmus Branding exceptional at what they do, is the promptness with which they take up a project, present out-of-the-box astounding design ideas and their ability to deliver their best even under a short time window. They have aided us to grow as a brand, and are now more like our brand advisors rather than just our advertising agency.

Ruchika Pillai | branding, India

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