Hi, I'm Vipul.

At Litmus, I run two digital oil painting brands - Oilpixel and Pawstro.

Vipul Vaishyak

Sr. Illustrator hello@oilpixel.com


The almighty wants to bless us with abundance. When we ask, we ask less and reduce possibilities.

My grandfather was a Pandit, or a priest, as they call it. He used to conduct a ritual called કર્મ કાંડ which holds great importance in mythology and pooja. But, somewhere, after generations of the same profession, he felt as if we did not get the respect we deserved. We were often laughed at or looked down upon. Despite literally doing worship for work, Grandpa felt the need to change this line of profession.

And things changed, my father and his brothers started working for Government jobs. After this, came my generation. Me and my brothers also started working for jobs. My first job was as a Drawing Teacher, for one year- as a kickstart. This was after I did Fine Arts. Somebody had told me as a kid, ડ્રૉઈંગ આટલું સારું આવડે છે તો ફાઈન આર્ટસ જ કરજે. So I did. But teaching was not a profession of my choice, so I became a digital painting artist at an IT company.

After working there for a few years, I once came to meet Kapil. After him calling me multiple times.:P Not for a work opportunity, but to install a Wacom Tablet he had recently purchased and also to teach him how to use it. We had mutual friends. That's how he knew I could help him.

That day, so much changed, We decided to start Oilpixel. Literally, that very day. This was in 2012. And by 2013, the name Oilpixel, actually became a brand that started painting digital oil paintings. Later, in 2018, Kapil brought home his lab, his pet Gilu. Just as a gift, I painted Gilu for him. And look what bloomed out of it, Pawstro, a pet painting company.

Ever since this journey with Oilpixel and Pawstro, we have spread happiness to almost 9,500 happy families, world across.

The one thing that I consider myself fortunate for, is that through all these years, I have handled the toughest of situations. And somehow, god has avoided most of the expected tough situations for me. I am lucky. We are all blessed,

🤫 Sssshhhh...

What do I ask for when I pray to God:

Honestly, nothing. ઉપર વાળો બધું એની રીતે આપી જ દે છે. ભરપૂર આપે છે. ખાલી આભાર માનું છું, રોજ.

Did I ever dream of becoming an entrepreneur:

Really? :D The world is so beautiful, why limit my imagination

Who do I share my troubles with to feel lighter?

My father, my wife and my partner, Kapil

My most valued asset:

My family, handsdown. We are Indians, our culture stands firm on family values.

Where do I see Oilpixel in a few years:

It will grow, I do not have a number in mind. People search 'Oilpixel android app' on google. That in itself is an achievement, I believe.

Where do I see Pawstro in a few years:

Finally, I have a definite number for this. From 0 average orders per day it has come to 1-2. Now we will all take it to 10 pets a day.

Is there anything that can trigger me:

Yes. વગર કારણે લાંબી ખેંચવામાં આવતી વાતો (Long-talks with no purpose)