Hi, I'm Vasim.

At Litmus, I design websites and I learn in the process.

Vasim Pathan

Web Designer vasim.litmus@gmail.com


Much like any artist, I didn't know what my path was until I was on the wrong one.

I am a college dropout. I left my college in my second year and came to Ahmedabad from my hometown Idar. I studied graphic design here and then started my first job. My intention to leave my town was to move to a bigger city and see what I can learn from it.

Ever since, everything was going fine until covid hit. When the unlock happened, I started giving interviews and that went on for 4 months until I felt that it was time to lock the doors of Ahmedabad. Just when I was about to leave, 2 offers landed in my kitty and I chose Litmus from them. 

Now, the thought of going back never haunts me. What haunts me is an empty home, if ever my wife and kids are away from home on a vacation. The opportunities that I have been given here at Litmus, only increase my confidence to learn more & more, to keep progressing, and to keep developing my skill set across different web design platforms. 

I am a firm believer in my religion and my culture and I am proud of the fabric of thought that weaves it. My ultimate dream is to visit Mecca Madina someday. Maybe I will visit it with my best friend. Did I mention? I am blessed to have that one friend since childhood who has never left my side and still is my neighbour.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

If I was given a superpower, I would:

I would remove communal differences

If I suddenly win a lottery:

I would go to Mecca Madina for Hajj

What do I fear:

Nothing, really

Who do I share my secrets with:

*Smirks*..I have no secrets :)

My Weakness:

સ્વભાવ થી જરાંક ભૂલકણો છું / ભુલક્કડ છું 

When was the last time I had a huge fight with someone:

Oh, I don't remember. Actually, I don't fight. I just create a distance when I am disappointed.