Hi, I'm Vaibhav.

At Litmus, I am the business development guy.

Vaibhav Shah

Business Development Manager hi@litmusbranding.com


I learn and I climb one step at a time. I am getting to the top. 

I come from a very humble background. I was taught since childhood, that I will only get something if I deserve it & if it's possible. Not by being stubborn or irrational. In school, I was the studious kid- the 90% percent & above kind. Following the obvious path, I did engineering. But in the third year, I decided this is not what I want to pursue for a living. I still graduated as an engineer, but I had other plans. Other small big plans.

My father is a businessman and as soon as I completed college, I started going on field sales for our business. Right after a few months of me doing that, Covid hit. We were all homestuck but as soon as things started opening up, I started looking for some other job options in my field of interest. There was nothing that caught my attention. And one fine day, my father looked at me and gave me that look, "क्या कर रहा है तू घर पे बैठा बैठा" look. That was it, I got my first job at an ad agency a business development executive and then a second one a few months later.

During those days, I used to hear about the bigger agencies in Ahmedabad and always wanted to work with one. Hence, Litmus happened. I have been learning so much here, from Hiren sir & Shreyas sir especially. This is what I really seek, something to learn in every conversation.

10 years later, I don't see myself still doing a job. I will build something of my own. I see an office with 30+ people, all making good money. Money is not my driving factor but let's face it, it makes a difference. For money to make a difference, I have to do something worth deserving it. That's it. That's my story.. so far. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

When was the last time I was caught cheating:

In school

I close my eyes & what do I see:

Me. I see the future me, 10 years later

Okay, where do you see yourself?

Living in a Penthouse in Manhattan, NYC.

Biggest risk ever taken:

I haven't yet taken it

How do I judge people:

Looking at the way they treat someone younger or junior

What puts me off:

Lies. When people lie to me

Someone I idolize:

Ofcourse, My Father.
Ok, someone non-family? Elon Musk.
Someone non-billionaire? Harvey Specter.
Someone non-fictional? Me. 40 years hence. 😁