Hi, I'm Suvrahadip.

At Litmus, I write & rap.

Suvrahadip Ghosh

I didn't choose writing, writing chose me.

Yes, writing chose me. Remember that guy from school who won't talk much and stayed in his own world? Yep, that was me. I was never the kid who talked much, but that doesn't mean I am not expressive. I express myself through writing. Earlier writing was a way to vent, now writing for me is a way to love.

Life for me is a meaningless pothole, so I find solace in fantasy fiction. The little meaning that has a big impact on my life is 'Writing'.  It's my passion for writing that brought me this far in life & It's this passion that'll one day hopefully make me one of the Best Writers this world ever had.

I started playing with words since Secondary school, but this hobby was given direction during #NaPoWrit by Terribly Tiny Tales. I made many submissions to TTT's daily writing prompts, expecting nothing. Then one day through aimless scrolling, I saw that TTT published a prompt by Suvrahadip Ghosh, then another & other. Soon, I landed an internship at TTT, where I gained confidence & my little fandom.

So I went on writing a book, that did get published. It is called Ruins.

After that all formats of writing started inspiring me & that's how I landed into AdWorld of Litmus & I'm enjoying it so far. Here everyday I face a new challenge & that is helping me grow.

I am Paul, Ad man by day & Writer by night. Sometime soon a screenwriter, writer of fantasy novel & what not?c

🤫 Sssshhhh...


Maa ke haath se bana Aloo postosh

I see myself in

Pain (Anime Fan?)






Are big

Writer nahi hote to?

Failed engineer hota ya successful footballer

I write about

Remorse Love 


Not many, But I have a book to my name called 'Ruins'

Are you good at what you do?

My work speaks for itself

I am not good at

making conversations I guess?

I wanna go

To the mountains, northwards

_________ doesn't bother me


People call me


My people

At stan_the_anamoly

If I could go back in time & change one decision

To earn more money when I could've and help my people in their need.

Favorite word ever


Cringiest line I've ever written

Every line.

Favorite lines by favorite author

"Find what you love and let it kill you." ~ Charles Bukowski

Most expensive tattoo

Kaido' the dragon on my left hand