Hi, I'm Simran.

At Litmus, I add personality to brands with my words.

Simran Parmar

Jr. Copy Writer simran.litmus@gmail.com


I love & want to learn everything creative, be it designing, writing, directing, composing music or developing a new colour 

I am as filmy as my name & so I have a dialogue for every situation & song for almost every word. Growing up, I voraciously consumed Disney shows & movies and was instantly smitten by the art of storytelling. By the sumptuous art of writing.

Talking about Disney, some of my people call me "Simba", yes, the timid little protagonist of 'The Lion King' who against all odds grew up to be a brave and compassionate king. Someday, I dream of being the King, err, Queen of my story too. A story that I'll write.

Coming back to dreams, making writing a way of my life was another dream. But it kept eluding me until recent years. To understand this, you have to go back in time a little.

Back in high school, I remember writing songs for my best friend. But I never made her read it or anyone else, as a matter of fact. I wrote plenty of stories that I never finished. Perhaps, because I was scared of them not being good enough. Perhaps, because I was afraid of the critics. But what took me long to realize was, that I was my biggest critic. And probably the harshest.

But over time, gradually and irrevocably I learned to be kinder to myself and my creation. By college, I had resolved to pursue a creative field. To pursue happiness.

After finishing my UG, I took a job in a Digital marketing agency. And after a few freelancing gigs and internships, I finally stepped into the world of Litmus. That was it, that's the day I realized this was the world I belonged in. It filled me with fresh breath; coming up with campaign strategies & copies to tell a brand's unique story to the world. I realized this is something I'll never get bored of. Since then I've woken up every day with a determination to 'tell a story'.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

Most Used Words:

Sorry & thank you

Favourite Dialogue:

Dukan ka naam aisa rakho jo zuban se turant nikle (IYKYK)

A movie you want to be lead character in:

Wake up Sid, you can change the name to Uth Jaa Simran Uth jaa

What motivates me to come to office:

Lunch break, snacks & ofcourse interesting work that we do

Favourite Actor:

Naam to suna hoga

Moment of pure happiness:

2011 when India won world cup

Dream Job:

Creative head? (Too ambitious)

Best time of the day:

Evenings during sunsets

Most Thrilling Experience ever:

Cliff Jumping from Rishikesh 

Last time I cried:

While watching 'Bridgeton' Finale

What I liked to be called:


Biggest Regret:

Not starting my writing career soon enough

One statement that I hate:

"It's too out of the box" or "It won't work"

When do I need Validation:

Everyday (especially in workplace)

Comfort food:

इसका रोज़ का आना जाना है, 
जिसको देखो दीवाना है, 
पूरी दुनिया को जोड़े यारी में, 
खुशियों की रिश्तेदारी में,
Maggi, maggi, maggi...