Hi, I'm Shreyas.

At Litmus, I build bridges and understand people.

Shreyas Nair

I see everything with a rational eye and I realize that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can be achieved without efforts. 

As a child, I was very notorious. I think I still am, to some extent. :P But as a kid, I even got electrocuted thrice as a kid. I grew up fine though. This notorious kid wanted to become a cook during 6th & 7th grade and then life took a turn and I wanted to join the armed forces. I also cleared the exams only to be disqualified in the medical round. But when that did not work out, I decided to pursue engineering and those years changed me. Literally. I became a little less disciplined (whatever discipline was there that flew out the window).

My father, at one point, started thinking I am going to become a gangster. I still do not know what led him to that thought. After my engineering, I came to Ahmedabad. I had to, I got placed in a KPO in Chennai and my family said - you will join a KPO after Engineering? What's the point?

And then, my first job in Ahmedabad was at a BPO. What a joke.

After that, I worked with multiple pharma companies where I got to learn what business development actually meant. Did IT sales and project management for a while (This is when I really understood how sales and business development are two entirely different things) and then finally, I joined Litmus as a client servicing guy. I was attracted to the culture video of Litmus and I said to myself, so there are such companies in Ahmedabad too eh. At Litmus, I realized that I can do this kind of a job, too. I mean I can be paid for just talking to people and understanding them. Something I love can actually be my means of bread and happiness.

What else have I learnt in my journey at Litmus? I learned the difference between being an employee and becoming an entrepreneur. I have been both, at Litmus. When I was offered this leadership position at Litmus, my faith in manifestation was restored. You know those typical "where do you see yourself in 5 years" questions in interviews. I never answered those questions by saying, "I see myself as a leader in this organization", but that is what I was thinking. Always. So, I feel I manifested what happened.

I believe the people I am with and the circles I move in have always impacted my life both positively and negatively. Today, where I stand, I am very grateful. For Litmus, for my family, my wife and my daughter Aishu.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

No, where do I really see myself in 5 years

"Kapil Bhai, where are you now? I'm just about to board my flight to Dubai. Do I see you in India or Thailand?"

If I had a superpower, I would use it to

Kill every kind of ego in every person

When did I first taste alcohol?

12th Grade

If there were no Air Conditioners

I would roam in boxers

My weakness

My emotions for my people

My Fear

Having someone feel that I have not done enough for them

One word I hate

Discussion : /

My catchphrase

Aag Laga Denge!!!

One dream I dream

Nothing specific. But there is so much left to be done, as an entrepreneur and as a human. 

My favourite client

There can never be just one, and neither can there be too many