Hi, I'm Shilpan.

Not at Litmus. You can find me at Bonasila's production unit.

Shilpan Vaishnani

Co-Founder & Promoter shilpan@litmusbranding.com


જેટલી ચાદર હોય, એટલા જ પગ પાથરવા જોઈએ. (Kapil might not agree with it 😊)

Being a farmer's child, I used to do farming as a kid. I studied at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel school in Jamjodhpur. I was never a studious child, and it was not a shock when I failed the 10th Grade. I got very less marks in 3 subjects and 78 in Math. Ah, the kid sitting right ahead of me was good at Math. 😊 

After my 10th Grade, I waited for Kapil to complete his college. This was the year 2000. After that, I knew we will do something together. Us brothers had the hunger. With hunger came people's support. As we grew, discipline became a mandatory thing. In our screen printing days, we didn't know what a Sunday was, for 3 years. We forgot what festivals were. Forget that, we didn't even see daylight for so many months at a time. (We had been working in a basement 😊). Maybe it's the hustle of those days that has brought us where we are today. But, we did it with so many people and their faith in us. I just knew one thing, that there is an ideal way to do things and did it that way. 

If I talk about the initial days of Litmus, I honestly only enjoyed it till we did screen printing. As we reached the national level in screen printing and even won an award for one of our projects, Kapil decided to shut the unit down. And still, I supported his decision. Simply because I trusted him and always will. 

Along with Litmus, I have had an experience in many different businesses as a founder, an employee and a partner. Now, I am happy with Bonasila. One thing has remained constant through the journey, I always believed that client is God and we delivered the best in our capacity & even beyond that, sometimes. I believe the same, to date. 

It's been one amazing journey and it would not have been so without the main person, 'મારા મમ્મી'. મમ્મી નો support ન હોત તો આમાંનું કંઈ જ શક્ય ન બન્યું હોત. દરેક ડગલેને પગલે, મમ્મી નો support રહ્યો છે. તેમને વિશ્વાસ હતો કે બંને ભાઈઓ કંઈક કરી બતાવશે.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

As a kid, what did I want to be on growing up:

I used to tell, "I will not become like you", to the person asking this 😂

Words that describes me:

Practical, logical, Disciplinarian

Where do I see Bonasila in 5 years:

I'd rather say where I see myself. એક સુંદર જમીન હશે, તેમાં મારું ઘર હશે, બાજુ માં ટેનિસ કોર્ટ, સ્વિમિંગ પૂલ અને જીમ હશે. અને એ જમીન માં હું ઓર્ગેનિક ખેતી કરતો હોઈશ.

What is one habit I have that might surprise someone who knows me:

I spoil my 3 kids - Shailee, Cally & Shaival. Like anything. I never say no to anything they ask from me.

What angers me the most in people:

ચાંપલૂસી, false-praise, lies

If I was not manufacturing planters:

I would be manufacturing something else

Who according to me is 'મહાન':

Someone who can change his/her nature and can quit an addiction