Hi, I'm Rochak.

At Litmus, I run ads on search engines.

Rochak Sharma

SEM Executive rochak.litmus@gmail.com


My nanu often said a sentence that stayed with me, "It's better to be a timid that a coward".

I was born in Dungarpur. Brought up in ZINC colony in Gulabpura. For my graduation, I moved to Jaipur. And finally moved to Ahmedabad 8 years back in 2014 for my masters in Marketing & HR. Is that done? May I leave? Oh, no? Well okay what else? I am very shy. I am a closed book. You have to talk me through this.

My professional journey started with an ad agency where I was a marketing executive, then an IT company, then another agency and finally Litmus. This is no less than a dream, really. Why? I wanted to be at Litmus for the last 3 years, an agency that other places considered a competition.

Now that I am here, I want to live this dream for a while. Reach a senior position, digital marketing manager probably. And one fine day, earn huge in this same field, somewhere in Mumbai or any other metro.

Apart from my work goals, I have some other inclinations, just one rally. Basketball

🤫 Sssshhhh...

How do people describe me:

A closed book

How do I keep my circle:

Small, it's not even a circle. It's just dots. Dots that I am connected to. 

One regret:

None. I am happy with how life is unfolding.

What angers me:

Lies, I lose faith in people with even one lie.

One achievement:

We were playing basketball in a Bhilwara District Match. We lost the match but won hearts and still got selected for the next level.

Dream Company:

At the moment, this one. So living the dream. 

I Idolize:


Sports I love:

Volleyball, apart from the now obvious- basketball.

My most thrilling memory:

Hanging ride, Dubai