Hi, I'm Ravi.

At Litmus, I connect brands to their audiences.

Ravi Padiya

Digital Marketing Executive ravip.litmus@gmail.com


Hailing from a family of business people I've always had a knack for marketing. The art of convincing someone to get and stay interested in what you have to offer. It has always been like weaving magic to me. An unavoidable spell.

Though on the path to marketing I took a detour in engineering. Yes, I'm a mechanical engineer, at least that's what the piece of paper says to me. But the universe knew, by heart, that I have always been a marketer. Hence, the universe conspired to bring me my destiny.

Before Litmus I worked for 4 different companies, but I always had a feeling that I belonged somewhere else. That's when Litmus came calling and with it came two other agencies. But, I chose Litmus in the blink of an eye. You wonder why? Because Litmus gave me much more than just an offer letter. They allowed me to be myself and showed undeterred faith in me.

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What's your mantra of life?

Live in the moment.

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