Hi, I'm Ramesh.

At Litmus, I develop websites, silently.

Ramesh Kanzariya

HTML Developer rameshk.litmus@gmail.com


Taking life one day at a time, going with the flow. :)

I am a BA dropout, I left college half-way while I was pursuing a degree from my hometown Dhol. After that, I came to Ahmedabad in 2018 on my best friend's suggestion. Started learning web development and 2 years later, joined Litmus in 2020.

I believe in the idea of speaking less & doing more. Like at Litmus, I have enjoyed making the website of Fakirsons Papchem the most. It is yet to go live, so I am eagerly waiting. My first 2 websites also went live here itself. I want to keep progressing and that only happens by learning. I want to learn React JS & I am trying to take time out for learning it.

I am an explorer, there are hardly any places in Ahmedabad that I haven't seen. One day, I want to see Yuvraj Singh play live, he's my role model. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

The last series that I watched & loved:

Squid Games

A food item I can't live without:


The last spontaneous thing I did:

Went tripping to Udaipur with my friends

The first thing I'd buy if I suddenly get Rs. 10 Lacs:

Iphone 13

My ultimate dream at this point in life:

Buying a home

A sport I love:


My favourite film: