Hi, I'm Priyank.

At Litmus, I design website & lead the web team.

Priyank Solanki

Lead UI/UX Designer priyank.litmus@gmail.com


In this innings called life, whether it's one mark or one run, it matters.

As a little kid, art attracted me. I used to make paintings for several competitions and they won me prizes too. As I reached high school, I didn't know what design was - in technical terms, but I knew this is an art form I am inclined towards.

As my career progressed, I decided to become an architect and gave an entrance exam for it only to fail by falling short by 1 mark. I completed my graduation in another field and decided that I wanted to pursue MBA for my postgraduate degree. Gave an entrance again, and yet again, history repeated itself. 1 mark less and the MBA boat sailed away. Only for the Litmus boat to float in.

How did this space open up for me? When I saw those big computers for the first time and explored the world wide web, I liked that world, widely. I started learning and also applying for jobs. With experience, I reached the position of senior web designer in an IT company. I then started looking for a switch and one fine day, an HR agency called me up saying a company called Litmus Branding is looking for web designers and I came for an interview.

Interesting part? I was the first person to be hired for the web design team of Litmus. My core competence remained coding but with Litmus, I understood what web design really was and decided to grow in this field. Coming from a pure IT field, there were too many challenges, especially on the creative front while working at Litmus.

The platform, the clientele and the avenues were all different. I synced my UI/UX knowledge from previous jobs with the design knowledge I earned at Litmus and finally reached where I am today- UI/UX design lead. At Litmus, I am known to say 'NO'. But it's changing. I am changing it. I have delayed it, rather. Instead of saying no right in the first conversation, I take my time, do my research and then say no..or.. umm..yes, sometimes! :)

It's been 8 years at Litmus. And in this journey, my professional life has prospered. My personal life saw turmoil but I never let that come to the office. And I must say, I got my space when I most needed it. Without even asking for it. Litmus is my comfort zone, has been and will always be. It also makes me uncomfortable from time to time and I guess that is necessary for my growth.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

Most used word:


Let's play?

Sure. Let's play cricket.

What triggers my temper:

Someone asking for an exact timeline for 'web development'

Alternate career choice:

An all rounder in a Cricket Team

One of my works that was contemporary but has now become outdated:

IIM-Udaipur Website

What do I avoid:

Baseless arguments and debates

My catchphrase:

નો થાય હવે આવુ બધું

If I had to delete one word from the dictionary:

IMPOSSIBLE, I mean not that it's not possible to delete any word. I meant I would delete that word- Impossible. 

My work that I still admire:

Websites namely Tectona Grandis & LP Screw

If I had to change a rule in cricket:

Recently, in IPL 2022, a rule was introduced which allows the captain of a team to call a batsman back from the ground if he has underperformed for 3-4 balls. Unfair. 

An Award I know we will win for Litmus:

Awwward Site of the Day/Year

One destination I'd like to visit soon:

The Himalayas

If I were the PM of India:

બેસહારા ને સહારો આપવાનો પ્રયત્ન કરીશ 
Probably by removing the corruption in the process of Govt. grants reaching the needy

Which videos do I watch on YouTube:

Videos on the subjects of Geography or History. 
Dig deeper into anything that lets me differentiate between તથ્ય & સત્ય