Hi, I'm Priyank.

At Litmus, I create something new everyday with my Graphic Design skills.

Priyank Badrakiya

I am a designpreneur at Litmus. Design is my soul food and it's my daily bread. And it's a tasteful experience every day.

If we rewind 30 years, I was in Morbi (Gujarat), growing up. I first used photoshop in 5th Grade, not at school, but at home, with my uncle. As I completed high school, the journey of my graduation began in another city. And I still regret it- I did engineering. Or did I?

By my 2nd last semester, I realized this is not what I can do in life and I never completed that semester or the one after that. After dropping out, I started going to agencies around my city for free. I gained some experience and went back home to start my own design studio. It gave me so much- so much experience and even more money.

I somehow again started feeling that I am still not doing what I was meant to and decided that it was time to move on. I then applied to Litmus Branding as I moved on to another city, Ahmedabad. My application went unnoticed but I still came, leaving behind my family and my wife. Did I mention I got married, amidst all this and were expecting to start a family of our own in just the next few months? :)

Meanwhile, I was waiting for Litmus but I couldn't do without earning so I joined another agency for a year. One fine night, my friend - a well-wisher got a call from Litmus stating that they were looking for designers and he conveyed the message to me. That night, I was on my way to visit my hometown. Believe me, when I say, I got off the bus when there was a halt and took a bus back to A'bad. Gave the design test at Litmus and kept waiting for a response again. Why Litmus? Why so badly? I once designed a visiting card for a Litmus Group company at one of my old offices and I felt that this place has the kind of mentors and the kind of creative freedom that I longed for.

Feb 2020, I was finally appointed as a part of the team at Litmus. Since then, the journey has been illustrious.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

Costliest purchase:

My Imac

What I like to be called:


Biggest regret:

Duh, Engineering

Last time I cried:

Oh...ummm... Long Pause...Don't remember

Cheapest purchase:

Craft tools like cutters, scissors, etc. for merely INR 20

My catchphrase:

ઉડતા તીર લેવામાં આવશે

That one moment of great fear:

Getting Kapil Bhai's call on 2nd April 2020, the day my probation was about to get over

If I were a software:

Ardhanarishvara (Sanskrit for Lord Who Is Half Woman) 
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

If I had to design in one colour for the rest of my life, it would be:


Why is it so that....

કોઈ દારૂ ચઢતો જ નથી

One statement I hate:

When I try something for the first time and fail. And someone mentions, "ઓહો, પતિ ગયું. હવે નહીં થાય."

If I could go back in time & change one decision:

I would have joined a Design college instead of engineering

One word that I would like to change in the dictionary:

I would change the word 'idiot' to 'Praful'. It's an Indian TV reference, from Khichdi :D

When do I need validation:

Whenever I do anything special at work, apart from Graphic Designing (Once, I repaired a ceiling fan :) )