Hi, I'm Prashant.

At Litmus, I help brands reach the right audience.

Prashant Ghosh

Digital Marketing Executive prashantg.litmus@gmail.com


At each & every moment, from day to night, I am hopeful & optimistic. Optimistic about leads & life.

I'll keep my introduction short as I communicate on point without using many words like Google Ads. Yes, I am very much obsessed with google ads, I am constantly running them or learning about them.  Digital Marketing is my passion, but it wasn't always the case.

I grew up in Kota, so I wanted to become an engineer by default. Did I become an engineer? Yes, I secured a job as a Product Trainee Engineer too. Do I practice engineering now? Of course not, छोड़ आए हम वो गलियाँ. Now I constantly keep up with the search engine trends. One thing you should know about me is that I am always a step ahead. No wonder why my favourite game is chess. The habit of staying a step ahead landed me in digital marketing. Before joining the Litmus Family, I was working at a startup, where people were inclined toward traditional marketing. So I ventured out looking for a place where people liked keeping up with the trends & were passionate about marketing. A place where there was something new every day. One fine day I stumbled in at Litmus & have been here since then.

Here I spend my days working & conversing with people. I am great at making conversations & can talk on any topic. However, my favourite topics are food, politics, movies & profession, in that order. I always have a recipe up my sleeve, a political debate & movie recommendation in my back pocket and Google ads process & facts in my head. Wait did my introduction go too long? Might be. Told you I am good at making conversation In the closing title I'd say 'I am a great story in making'

🤫 Sssshhhh...

A movie that you find relatable:

Pursuit of Happyness

Moment of pure happiness:

25th April 2021, birthday of my daughter

Favourite Dialogue:

If you bad, I'm your dad

One thing you'll risk your life for:

Family & jigri dosts

Comfort Food:


Favourite Place:

Vastrapur Lake (That's where I met my wife)

Signature dish if you ever opened a restaurant:

Mere haath ki dal batti

First thing from first salary:

Samsung's feature phone

Best Street Food in Ahmedabad:

Vivek chinatown ka chinese

A twist you never saw coming:

Escape in Shawshank Redemption

If not a Digital marketer then:

In Arms Forces

Best thing about me:

I learn from my mistakes

Priceless Possession:

WWE Slam cards (Nostalgia)