Hi, I'm Pradip.

At Litmus, I write accounts.

Pradip Vyas

My flawless speed is my strength.

I was born in Ahmedabad and I have lived here ever since. I have had a memorable childhood. I was great in studies, but I was such a naughty child. Every day, my teachers would send a letter to my father stating my કારનામા for the day.

Ironically, the same me aspired to become a teacher after I grew up and I also joined a PTC college to pursue teacher training. Destiny had other plans. I didn't land a Government job as I had planned to and I did not want to do a private job in the field of teaching.

So I joined a CA's firm as an accountant before joining my uncle to assist him. I was good at accounts, and so quick. I kept switching to better and bigger companies to grow and to learn. Everywhere, one thing remained common- my interest in the company's growth. When we got the account of Litmus Branding, we streamlined so many things, discussed so many areas of growth and painted a clear picture for the finances of Litmus and the companies under its wings.

With Litmus, I got an understanding of domestic & international clientele in the service industry, with Bonasila I understood volume and with OilPixel, Pawstro I explored a new variety. On 1st May 2022, just 3 days after this interview, I will complete 6 years at Litmus and it goes without saying, we have all grown together & we will continue to multiply that growth.

I am an accountant but in life, I am not a numbers man. Money does not drive me, I believe માણસ ની તકદીર માં જેટલું લખ્યું છે એટલું એને મળી જ જવાનું છે. Then, why run after money? Why not run Marathons, instead? One day I will surely win Litthon and that day isn't far. 😅

🤫 Sssshhhh...

Best moment of my day:

Feeding grains to birds & giving water to the sun

What makes me stick to my plans:

I plan my entire day right after I wake up

An unusual talent I have:

In my mid-20s, I could finish 750gms કાજૂ અંજીર મઠો all by myself 😛

What annoys me:

Someone pestering me for the same work, again & again

One thing I just cannot befriend:

English. આ ભાષા થી દોસ્તી થઇ જ નથી

Who resides in my heart:

My Krishika & Divya. Daughter & Wife

The mentor I look up to:

My uncle, Mr. Hitesh Mehta

My limitless attribute:

Umm, in a bad way- my anger. Sometimes I fail to hit the brakes

What scares me:

Nothing. ડર સેનું હોય 

The Net Profit of my life's P&L statement:

The good deeds that I have done. બીજા માટે જેટલું કરી શક્યો છું, એ જ મારો નફો છે