Hi, I'm Pradip.

At Litmus, I keep everyone fresh with tea and some talks.

Pradip Joshi

Office Assistant hola@litmusbranding.com


Litmus મારું ઘર છે :) 

Pradip who? Oh, I am Robin.

I used to run a tea stall at Mithakhali Crossing in Ahmedabad at night. With family members getting involved in it, disputes started happening and the stall had to be shut down. After that, I started working at LeGriffe, and one day Shilpan Bhai came there to learn screen printing and that's how I met him for the first time.

My journey at Litmus is as old as Litmus itself. From LeGriffe, I came here and used to work for the Screen Printing unit back in the early days. When Kapil Bhai decided to shut it down, I got worried that I will have to leave Litmus. They made one of their friends start Screen Printing business and asked me to go join him. I didn't want to go, but I said nothing and just went away. Soon, I cam back and told Kapil Bhai, "તમારે મારી પાસે થી કચરા પોતા કરાવવા હોય તો પણ ચાલશે, પણ હું પાછો આવું છું". He says "આને એમ લાગે છે કે Litmus સિવાય એનું કાંઈ છે જ નહિં અને એ જ હકીકત પણ છે." Even at their home, I never feel like a stranger.

Kapil bhai recalls an incident, "When we were in the Bodakdev office, about to shift to the new Mithakhali office, furniture work was going on over there. Robin used to go to that office every evening and used to get tea and snacks for the carpenters working over there. He did that with his own money, never told me about it, never kept a track and soon ran out of money. I had no idea this was happening. Soon, his mom learned the fact that he has run out of money. She narrated this whole incident to the man for whom she worked and none of them knew the reason where did all the money go. Later, that man called Robin to meet him, treated him like the victim and hit him black & blue. When I saw Robin's swollen face, I told him to call that man and asked to meet him. As he came to meet me, I yelled at him - How dare you do this? રોબિન મારો ભાઈ છે, how dare you hit him? That was the last time that man ever saw Robin. Or Robin saw any such kind of trouble."

My mom's last conversation with Kapil bhai will always be remembered by him. She told him to look after me and gave him the responsibility of getting me married.

That shall also happen one day, till then, everything is good. Kapil bhai, આપડે બધા બહું આગળ જઈશું..અને એકલા નહિં, આપડી બધી કંપની ને જોડે લઈને આગળ જઈસુ .

🤫 Sssshhhh...

One of the memories from screen printing days:

Shilpan bhai & I used to work for 18-20 hours at a stretch, but never got tired

My sunday routine before a few years:

Movies at the theatre

Where did I meet the love of my life:

At the movies :)

What did I learn at Litmus, the agency

This is a creative world and not the labour world like screen printing days. Work happens in a differen way here.

My dream:

Litmus House

Who loves me unconditionally:

Gilu. He licks my whole face out of love till he gets tired 

Why is the taste of my tea so fluctuating:

Haha, because most of the times I am making it in haste. When I make it patiently, it is delicious. But no matter what, it is always refreshing