Hi, I'm Nitesh.

At Litmus, I develop websites and play games.

Nitesh Mavadiya

HTML Developer nitesh.litmus@gmail.com


When I pray to God as I climb the great Girnar Peak,

I ask for nothing. Whatever I have is enough. But I won't say no to a PS5.

As a child, I had no idea what I am going to do in life. But then, who knows anyway? For my bachelors, I have done BA in History. Yup. I then did PGDCA (Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) and I failed 5 times, in different semesters. Not even once did I think of quitting. I came to Ahmedabad for a job at my friend's office where I barely completed 6 months. Then, my pal Prem called me to Litmus. That was 2014. And this is 2022. It's still fun, how am I not bored I wonder. :P As a career growth prospect, I'd love to explore working in an IT Company in Bangalore.

What would I be doing if I was not an HTML developer? Well if I was a few inches tall, I would be into the armed forces, the police force or sports, maybe. But since I cannot be on the frontier fighting, I took that dream digital. I play games. I play Call of Duty, PubG, etc. everyday as a dessert after my lunch. There, I am Neo. Not Nitesh. And at office too, I am Neo.

And as for sports, I have climbed mountains. Which? Girnar. With whom? With my mom. How many times? Lost count but approximately 12-14 times until 2104.

There is nothing really nothing missing in my life. I have an interesting job. My colleague is my best friend from college. In fact he leads the team. he was the first person in the web team and I am the second one. I have a beautiful family back home. Opportunities keep coming my way. I keep conquering challenges. I play badminton and that is how I begin my mornings. What is there to miss? બસ ઘેર પોહચો એટલે તો બધું જ મળી જાય.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

One thing that I make everyone do:

Hard Refresh, ctrl + shift + R

When am I the loudest:

When I press 'Enter' key. My keyboard is a chosen one.

My favourite game:

Call of Duty, Duh.

One ambition, as high as the hills:

To climb the Mt. Everest

One goal, one skill:

To learn React JS and Ethical Hacking

Most exciting part of my day at work:

Playing the hit button for those 5 songs in my playlist

One EDM Festival I want to attend once:

Oh, Tomorrowland if the pocket allows. But first, Sunburn because why not?

The last series I watched:

Money Heist 

The key that is so pressed on my keyboard that it is hardly visible:

"S. Because for others it is Ctrl + S, for me it is Ctrl + S S S S."

One website that I am proud of:

This website. And Bonasila.

One expensive purchase I'd love to make someday:

A Drum Set