Hi, I'm Nidhi.

At Litmus, I run errands and handle inquiries for Bonasila.

Nidhi Panchal

Front Desk Assistant welcome@litmusbranding.com


जान के अनजान क्युं बनना, ज़िन्दगी है, आसान रखने में मज़ा है, अनजान रखने में नहीं :) 

As a kid in school, I was a tomboy. I only turned girly girly after school. My friends were all girls though, maybe opposites attract held absolutely true for me. I was always a teacher's favourite though. Always, in college too, in my music classes too. I did my B.com and later my M.com from HACC in Ahmedabad.

Often, papa did not allow me to go to picnics for xyz reasons and literally my friends, my peons from office, my teachers used to come home to convince me and allow me to come. Evidently, दिल बहुत जल्दी जुड़ जाता है लोगो से | I wanted to do CA after my M.Com but it was essential for me to start working by that age. So, the professional journey began.

After working for 4-5 companies for 7-8 years, I got a call from Litmus. I don't know how, I had not applied. I had just switched to a new job and on the 2nd day of that job, I was at Litmus giving an interview. :P Litmus was really, love at first sight. Our old office, it was so airy so bright so amazing I loved it. 

This was in 2016. As we speak, I am going to complete 7 years in 2 weeks. So, what an amazing journey it has been.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

A long-lost skill:


A weakness:

I get nervous and hasty when trying new things

An enemy:

My weakness is my enemy and my fear too

My favourite film:

Bahubaliiiiiii, because of the Actor Prabhas

The biggest risk I have ever taken:

Getting married, LOL

A book that I love:

Umm, I don't read books. But I like short stories from Indian History.

One word I say a lot:

Actually, there are three. Assurance words like- है ना, Right?, अच्छा!

A singer I want to share a stage one day with:

Shreya Ghoshal