Hi, I'm Navlika.

A Litmus, I look after Bonasila.

Navlika Parihar

Sales Co-Ordinator navlika.bonasila@gmail.com


तटस्थ हूँ, स्थिर हूँ. I don't react too quickly or too easily.

I was born and raised in Ahmedabad in a traditional Rajasthani family and am the elder sibling of two sisters. I was always a papa ki laadli. I never cried when he dropped me at school, I was a sharp-minded kid but was also gullible, easily irritable and got picked on a lot. Studious? Yes. Talkative? Yes. No. Umm, only with friends whom I considered close to me. Because of being studious, I was a popular girl.

I did my M.com and then soon after, joined a company where I worked for 2-3 years. I mysteriously one day got a call from Litmus and came to give an interview and was roped in for the role of a sales coordinator. I took time to gel with people here. Somehow, in the beginning, I felt the people are a bit different from the kind of people I have interacted with in the earlier stages of my life.

What I love about this place is that there are no cold wars. There is no politics, there are hardly any seniority-juniority differences and the entire management is so approachable. Maybe because they were all employees first, directors later and hence they know both worlds well.

As for goals, I feel if I keep a steady pace my dreams will hold my hands. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

My biggest learning @ Litmus:

Patience, I have learned how to make it my friend.

What do I want to change about myself:

My excellent skills of self-doubt

What kind of a Guru am I in search of:

I don't know, yet. But I am waiting. 

When I close my eyes, whose thought first crosses my mind:

Papa and my sister.

My biggest mistake:

I have been fairly careful, haven't made any huge life-altering mistakes.

Biggest Fear:

I'm often scared to express what I want. I feel I will trouble people if I demand anything from them.

My most prized possession:

My family :)