Hi, I'm Muskan.

At Litmus, I keep social media campaigns running smooth.

Muskan Khubani

Digital Marketing Executive muskan.litmus@gmail.com


In everything I do, I try to find a purpose. Purpose drives me.

I believe, doing is learning. I dance my way through life, absorbing as much of rhythm and beats as I can. I am a DPS alumni and as a school kid I used to participate in elocutions and debates actively.

For my graduation, I did BBA (marketing) and joined Litmus soon after that. What brought me here was the diversity of clients and the tagline- We Love Your Company. It's been a short while but already, the exposure has been nothing short of great.

One digital campaign that I look up to is the 'Vicks- Maa Ka Touch' campaign. It is so beautiful, every time I see it, it touches my heart.

A weakness that I would like to work on is balancing all these things by keeping a focus on each of them alike. Either I take too long to do something or I do it all at once- that part needs to be worked on.

Someday, I wish to have my own agency and I would celebrate that by, maybe, swimming in the Caribbean islands. :)

🤫 Sssshhhh...

One thing I want to get better at, this month:

Speaking Gujarati

My sunday ritual:

Swimming, coming home & making tea for myself

A book I recently finished:

Kafka on the Shore by Murakami

My take on news & media channels:

These days, watching news is like watching a soap opera

One thing that scares me:

Losing the people I love

If I had the power to change one thing in the world:

The way political leaders lead nations

If I had the power to change one thing in the world:

The way political leaders lead nations

Something difficult that is a cakewalk for me:

Baking. I can now do it without measuring the ingredients. Last I baked an eggless cheesecake

One quality that attracts me in a person:

Cheerfulness blended with an inviting nature

What did I gift my mom on her birthday:

A wrist-watch, because she wrote a beautiful poem for me on my birthday, circled around 'Time'

If I had to change the tagline of Litmus:

Oh, tough task. Umm..okay, 'A place where ideas get wings'