Hi, I'm Kiran.

At Litmus, I deliver finished tasks to clients & take deliveries from Zomato.

Kiran Keswani

Client Services Executive bridge@litmusbranding.com


If I was to write an autobiography, I would call it Boss Lady. I stand my ground firm & still I shake a leg when it's needed.

Ah, interview and all? Well, let's begin with my childhood, then. I was hardly a part of conversations, activities and मस्ती. Well, I was shy, an introvert, a geek and that first-bencher you can copy notes from. As I reached high school, I went a bit behind- to the mid-benches. And finally, in college, I was nowhere to be seen in front except if it was for a presentation. The last benches became my best friends.

How has work-life been? My first interview ever landed me my first job ever. I was at Radio Mirchi, in the target-driven sales department for 3 years before I switched to the client services department here at Litmus in 2022.

For the longest time, I wanted to be a teacher. I still do. Now a professor or a lecturer, at some mass communication college in my late 30s maybe? What brought this transformation to me? From the shy to ambivert to the extrovert I am today? Well a lot of things, but majorly 4- Journalling, Yoga, Meditation & Reading. These activities helped me channel my temperament, my thoughts and my journal became my best friends over time. Before my sister took over.

My family plays such a big part in my life. And so do my role models. I have been inspired by various people and their specific traits from time to time. My first boss at Mirchi taught me how to be a people person and on the other hand, I love Priyanka Chopra. I love how she glides through life and conducts herself through interviews.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

Books I love:

Super Attractor, Universe has my back, Think like a Monk

One challenge I never want to take up again:

Sales Targets. 
And become a homely, homely, home-maker.

One trait I hate in people:

People who talk slow and rhetoric

What have I changed in me over the years:

I have pacified the rebel in me

Who do I share my secrets with:

With nobody. But with my Diary at times.

When am I the most myself:

In my room

If I were to do my Graduation and Post-Graduation all over again:

Umm, maybe I'd do it the first time itself at Christ University, Bangalore

Happiest moment of my life:

Being hired for my first job. I grew up listening to that very Radio Station.

My नेकी कर दरिया में डाल act:

I donate. Whenever, wherever, whatever to whomsoever possible