Hi, I'm Kapil.

At Litmus, I try to make myself available for everyone.

Kapil V.

Founder & CEO


I like to be present with full absence and absent with full presence.

I am a farmer's child and I spent my simple childhood at the farm. I used to lie flat on the back of my buffalo with a book in my hand, facing the abundant sky. The smell of fresh cow dung, the colours of the leaves, the sheer ease of village life still invite me in. Jamjodhpur is the name of the village I come from.

After school, I did Fine Arts at Rustam Taliyar Khan college in Nargol. I used to make paintings back then, very well. Some for myself some to earn some money. And then, I heard it from multiple people that my skills demanded a city, a platform bigger than what I was getting. So, Ahmedabad happened. I moved here with Rs. 0 in my pocket and a loan on my shoulders.

Why the name Litmus? Firstly, how? I used to carry a pocket dictionary with me and after months of વિચાર વિમર્શ, I zeroed in on 26 names. Litmus was not even one of them. It just struck me, as an interesting angle. It felt like the ultimate test to me. ડિઝાઇન લિટ્મસ ટેસ્ટ થી સીધી પ્રિન્ટ માં જ જાય. Another reason was, it started and ended with the letters L & S. Lalita (my mom) & Shilpan (my younger brother), two people around whom my world revolved. That's it, I did not need any more reasons.

Do I want to add anything? Just something about 'TRUTH'. What is truth? Truth is something that everybody wants but nobody can digest. And when we get the truth from someone, it is the bittermost feeling.

What else?
बस, लोग जुड़ते रहेंगे और कारवां बनता जाएगा I

What next?
Nothing, Just go to any page of this website. You can hear/listen/read it yourself. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

What other ventures did I start under Litmus:

Oh I have 4 other babies, Bonasila, Oilpixel, Pawstro & HaveRaw. Another one is on it's way. I co-parent all these babies

What prominent thought do I get whenever I think of Litmus:

10-20 years ago or today, the feeling is same. पिक्चर अभी बाकी है मेरे दोस्त.

A novel I've read more than once:

Each one by Ashwini Bhatt, the Gujarati writer

I hate:

Plastic smiles and અસત્ય

Do I believe in miracles:

Earlier, I didn't. But now, yes. What is a miracle? Everything around me is a miracle. It just happens

A dream:

Play a singles tennis match with Roger Federer. And travel without any plan, purpose, mobile and money

What would I call a book that I would write:

હું છું, તું છે (I don't know yet what the book will be about)

One victory I am proud of:

Sustaining in Ahmedabad, after 6 months of spending every night thinking I want to run away. With 20 Rs. spent on dinner meals, I used to say to myself- one day I will have the money to afford buttermilk with my meals.

An obsolete fact I still feel is true:

We still live in a barter system (I don't understand anything about Economics)

One life lesson:

Why one? I have 20, see this.

One Shloka I took the liberty of understanding better:

કર્મ કરો, ફળની અપેક્ષા ન રાખો. ફળ તો ઉપરવાળો આપશે. આપશે જ નહિ પરંતુ સુધારીને આપશે.

One easy task that is like a punishment for me:

Ordering food at a restaurant

My favourite words:

તિતિક્ષા, અભિપ્સા, તાદાત્મ્યતા, અનાહત, ધૈર્ય, સાહસ, શૂન્ય, સત્ય, જૂનૂન અને પ્રેમ.

Life after 3-5 years:

Back to farming

સત્યની પરિભાષા:

સત્ય - કોઈને જોઈતું નથી. (કદાચ મને પણ)
સત્ય - બધાં ગુલામ છે. (હું પણ)
તા.ક.: અબજોમાં કોઈ એકને છોડીને.