Hi, I'm Jayendra.

At Litmus, I make the best tea.

Jayendra Pandya

Office Assistant hola@litmusbranding.com


Live life to the fullest, come what may. :) 

My day starts at 3.30, in the morning, and I distribute newspapers. Back home by 10 and then I sleep for about 2 hours and then I reach Litmus office. My work life started right after 10th Grade, when I started working at the Times of India office in Ahmedabad. Then joined papa's business till 2016, when I saw a newspaper ad which brought me to Litmus.

I joined Litmus on 1/1/2016. 1/1 is a significant date in my life. Papa's birthdate is 1/1/35 and the birth of my child, the most memorable day of my life, 1/1/19. Interestingly, I only ace the numbers game in terms of  dates. For everything else, I don't see numbers. For instance, I wouldn't leave Litmus even if someone offered 2X the money I make here. What's the need? Money doesn't matter. The place, it's people matter to me. You know, whenever anybody comes to Litmus, we never let them go without having a tea or coffee. I love that about Litmus.

Life mantra? It's simple, કોઈ વસ્તુ મન મા નઈ રાખવાની, જવા દેવાનુ. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

My speciality:

My speciality? You mean speciaLiTea?

The most valuable thing for me:

Togetherness :)

One skill I want to learn

A lot. But first, Adobe Photoshop

Any bad habits that I want to get rid of:

I have none 😛 (Except chewing tobacco)

If I woke up as the PM of India:

I would go back to sleep.

My biggest dream for Litmus:

Litmus House, it will surely happen. Location? S.G Highway

What did I dream of becoming as a child:

Police Inspector

The perfect evening

Sitting by SG Highway with my family, enjoying the cool breeze