Hi, I'm Jayanshi.

At Litmus, I learn. I do बातचीत. I write.

Jayanshi Sharma

If someone snatches my paper, pen and keyboard from me, I would express myself through a mic.

I grew up in a joint family, that too in the old city of Ahmedabad, imagine how wonderful my childhood was. Despite of being surrounded by people all the time at home, outside home I was an introvert. I had very few friends and used to be by myself most of the times. But, I was very good with studies and did fairly well with my grades. I started pursuing Chartered Accountancy & B.Com after school. However, soon realized that this is not what I wanted to do all my life. I did my first anchoring in school in 2014 and that experienced opened a new path for me and I then went on to pursue Master of Communication in Melbourne.  

That was a turning point of my life. The new place, new challenges and new responsibilities exposed me to the real world. After completing my masters, I came back to India and joined the world of Advertising, as a copywriter. During one of the discussions at the ad agency, a video by Litmus was shown to us as an example. I loved the video, I saw their website and that was all. Cut to 2 years later, I applied for a job at Litmus and got selected. This was during the peak Covid period and those pandemic days turned out to be like a blessing for me.

Litmus, since then, feels more like home than a workplace and the people here feel like family. It's a place where ideas truly come to life and the learning curve along this journey has been wonderful.

Today, I feel like I am living a life I love and the journey has just begun... 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

If I’d to describe Life in a phrase:

It’s a journey, the most fascinating one…

Someone I can always count upon:

My brother, Shalin

Before 30:

Forbes 30 under 30

I wish I could:

Know how to read, write and speak at least 10 languages

My dream car:

A black jaguar xf

My biggest weakness is:

I am not comfortable in being vulnerable

A personal dream:

Adopt a girl child

The most valuable insight I learnt at Litmus:

કોઈથી પ્રભાવિત થવું નહિં અને કોઈને પ્રભાવિત કરવા નહિં

What triggered me for weightloss:

Litthon. And HaveRaw video, where I was talking about health, being unhealthy myself

A dream fulfilled:

Piku, my lab

The writing that I liked the most:

Paperboat website

The writing that I like the most (by me 😉)

Bonasila website