Hi, I'm Hitesh.

At Litmus, I save time & money for all.

Hitesh Barot

Administrator hola@litmusbranding.com


જે કામ કરવું મુશ્કિલ હોય, એ જ કરવું ગમે છે :)

I have been working since 8th Grade. Back then, I worked as a security guy then I started working for reliance fresh and just above that, in the same premises was Litmus office. One day, through a reference, I visited Litmus for an interview and joined soon then. That was it, I never felt like going anywhere else after joining Litmus.

I learn so much here at Litmus, I have learnt a lot from Kapil Bhai. I have taken on challenges headstrong, one of which is managing a lot of tasks at once. I have gotten good at it. Another thing I am good at is saving a lot of money every month, not just for personal purposes but for the office too. I also provide counselling services for savings, visit office someday, we will talk at length. 😂

The only thing I am scared of is Ghosts. But, i know I will never encounter them. Because, I will go straight to heaven after Earth, for sure. 😇

🤫 Sssshhhh...

If I could severely punish one person, who would it be:

Oh, nobody

My most dominant character trait:

The attitude of 'Saving'

Happiest days of my year:

Birthdays of my two kids

Where do I see Litmus 5 years later:

Litmus House, for sure

What do I ask for from God:

Just one thing every day, આજ નો દિવસ સારો રહે

One regret:

Not knowing when to stop, while at drinks

The most pathetic act by someone in a position of power:

Doctors, who cheat & loot મજબૂર patients

Favourite food

આલુ નું શાક અને ભાખરી