Hi, I'm Hiren.

At Litmus, I create and co-create.

Hiren Panchal

Co-Founder & Promoter info@litmusbranding.com

I am a learner, I am an observer. I learn, I observe and that's on loop.

I have had a pretty average school life. After 10th Grade, I became my own decision-maker. Choosing the field of Commerce was the first turning point of my life. I became changed, absolutely changed, I became notorious. But still kept learning one thing or the other. In 10th Grade itself, I learned operating a computer, which, back then, was a luxury. After college, I started working again (my first job was in 10th). And I was hired solely because I knew how to operate a MAC. A popular agency of those times hired me.

Just in those days, I met Kapil. His screen printing unit was just below our office and he started working on printing projects of the company I worked for. I helped Kapil one day with a computer trouble he was having & then we became friends who learnt alot from each other. One fine day, Kapil offered that I quit one of the 2 jobs (I was working 2 shifts) that I was doing and join him. So, I did. This was in 2006. We got a screen printing award in that same year and then Kapil decided to shut down the screen printing unit to progress ahead in the world of designing.

On the journey, we have explored so much. From the offline to the digital world. The digital world, especially digital marketing appeal me so much, and that is because, it is all about numbers and that is what feeds the analytical hunger I have.

Another thing that is an inseparable part of my routine, is reading. Reading books that are written with clarity, precision and well-executed storytelling are my kind. Mark Manson, Morgan Housel are two of my favourite authors.

I am a self-made man. Whatever I have done or achieved, is self-made, and I am blessed to be confident in saying this. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

The first time I used a Macintosh:

1994, LC2. Never looked back after that really

My first job:

Worked as a DTP operator at this very fancy office during 10th Grade

One thing I learned/achieved in that job:

Learnt how to type Sanskrit

When was my 'try-it-all' period in life:

11th & 12th Grade

When am I the most excited:

When talking about those initial days of my advertising career

Two of my most valuable intangible assets:

Meditation & Health

One thing I have learnt on my own, entirely:

I am proud of it, Adobe Photoshop

One sentence that triggered my journey into Litmus:

"ક્યાં સુધી બીજા માટે કામ કરીશ?", said Shilpan

One dream that I have seen for my daughter Diya:

I see my Diya, someday in Milan, with her own fashion design studio

The most exciting, fulfilling moment of my journey:

This entire life, this journey of branding, digital marketing and websites. What part of it is better than the other? Can't say, it's phenomenal, all of it.

Who would I choose to write my Autobiography:

Mark Manson