Hi, I'm Harshit.

At Litmus, I make make videos and bend where the ceiling is too low.

Harshit Didani

Motion Graphic Designer harshit.litmus@gmail.com


I believe, getting to the core of things is the only way to understand them better & better.

I became a computer engineer in 2020, but I have been sing computers since I was a 12 year old kid. My father had a printing business which my brother used to take care of and I often used to sit there and learn designing. Even during college, I used to work part time at an agency. So, the designing कीड़ा was always there in me.

Since the last 3-4 years, I had been following the work of a Litmus client- Anand Namkeen. And now, I design creatives for them. What are the odds? Well, they are in my favour. That's why I consider myself lucky. The quest of doing something new always attracts me and I feel that I am in the perfect field to explore that interest.

One thing that I have changed in me is my nature. I was easily irritable, easily angered and I have learnt how to control it. Whenever I saw people around me making mistakes, I used to think- why? how come? How could you make this mistake? But eventually, I learnt that everyone does not have the same capabilities and people do the best they can. Getting this understanding changed me for good.

When I am not working or spending time researching something, I just watch some thrilling crime series.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

A routine activity I am proud of

My roommates & I dine together every day. No matter what

A thing I consider myself lucky for

My field of interest has become my profession. What more could I ask for

What would I do with truckload of money

Oh, I don't know. Probably ask my brother what to do

Where do I take advantage of my height

While playing volleyball, I stand right by the Net

Where do people take advantage of my height

When they need things picked up from a height 🧍

One simple feature I would like Adobe After Effects to add

Underline. It's not there 

5 years later

I will own a flat in Ahmedabad

A confusion I'd like to untangle

I want to reach somewhere in life, but I don't know exactly where. That, I'd like to solve

A person I look upto

My brother, who is 12 years elder to me and has taken care of the whole family like a Father

One thing I cannot do

I hate eating alone, I never do it