Hi, I'm Divyanshi.

At Litmus, I am the first person to greets everyone.

Divyanshi Chaturvedi

Front Desk Assistant hola@litmusbranding.com


On a journey of becoming myself.

I grew up dancing, singing and playing in the small town of Mathura. Mathura is a colourful place and since a young age I have been observing tourists visiting Mathura to seek peace & blessings. Noticing them, talking to them and listening to their prayers has made me empathetic and emotional.

Dancing is my passion, I have been awarded for it so many times that I have lost the count, the same goes for singing. But despite of that love for dance, science was something that fascinated me a lot. My chemistry with chemistry was top-notch but after 12th, this chemistry faded & I landed into the world of Commerce. 

In between all of this, the most beautiful phase of my life was a year that I spent in Mussoorie when my father, a journalist was posted there. That year I used to wake up to the chirping of birds & went to bed under a beaming sky full of stars.

So after Mathura and Mussoorie, I landed in Ahmedabad for pursuing Chartered Accountancy and alongside, I started working at Litmus.

My friends often ask me if it gets hectic juggling between CA & job? Well, it is hectic but people at Litmus make it feel easy. I am the first one from my home to be living away from home, but I don't miss it much because Litmus feels like home to me.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

A hobby that is more like a passion:

बचपन से ही मुझे Singing और Dancing का बड़ा शौक है 

What am I curious about:

Fashion & styling

My Guru:

Hemendra sir, he taught me science

A dancer I dream of performing with:

Dharmesh Sir, someday

Which dance form:

Dance to dance hota hai, phir koi bhi ho

What does Ahmedabad mean to me:

Means ગરબા & જલસા

A phrase I have heard the most in Ahmedabad so far:

કંટાળો આવે છે 

I dream of settling down in:


I'm good at:

Asking the right questions

I can't go a day without:


If I am not dancing:

You would find me baking tonnes of cakes