Hi, I'm Dhaval.

A Litmus, I design and I listen to great music.

Dhaval Patel

Graphic Designer dhaval.litmus@gmail.com


I will fulfil every dream of every member of my immediate family.

I don't know the exact destination but I know that I am on my way.

Since childhood, મને શાંતિ થી ચુપચાપ મસ્તી કરવું બહું ગમે. I used to bunk my school, college a lot. There was a party lawn behind my home and I have attended umpteen number of weddings there. You know what kind, where you don't know whose wedding is it but the food tastes Ahhh-mazing.

I was not a very studious kid, hardly ever scored good marks but I was still, somehow focussed towards my career. I was a good painter, I aced at making abstract paintings at still life study. After completing the 10th Grade, I went on to do Fine Arts at RV Shah college in Dholka. And after coming back from there, I worked in an agency and 4-5 others after that.

I felt the environment at my old job became a little toxic and that's when I knew it was time to move ahead. Coincidentally around that time, I got a call from my friend, Sunil, who shares a table with me now. :) He told me of the opportunity at Litmus and I came, gave the design test and got selected.

After joining, just in a few days I felt a complete change of environment from my old job. Nobody here was trying to compete, no games, just supportive environment and approachable team. I want to keep walking on this path and become a sought-after visualizer, who can think of ideas unmatched.

I am someone who doesn't blend in easily or quickly. But once I do, I mix like sugar in water. Inseparable. :)

🤫 Sssshhhh...

My most spoken word:

Actually. Let me think.  Oh,yes, this word, 'actually'

Favourite web series:

Money Heist. Good brain application.

Whom do I value the most:

Maa :)

The last time I got Gooseflesh?

Probably listening to songs on Coke Studio. Or from Priyank Bhai's playlist. He has a good taste. :D

My happiest moments:

My Solitude

One habit I hate the most in people:

Incessant honking. Get you some flying cars soon man.

Another skill that I am good at apart from Painting:

પેટી સારી વગાડતા આવડે છે. પેટી means Harmonium.

A weakness I want to overcome this year:

English, ugh. 

My idol:

J. Krishnamurthy

A recent risk:

On the Litmus trip to Abu, I played તીન પત્તી. The Indian Poker.

One scary moment of my life:

One road accident that happened when I was ruthless on the wheels.

If there was one music genre that I had to pick for the rest of my life:

Classical Music