Hi, I'm Dharmesh.

At Litmus, I create impactful designs.

Dharmesh Panchal

Keep changing, keep working, keep evolving. 

My college was one of Ahmedabad's finest- Sheth CN College of Fine Arts. As a new graduate, I joined a growing company before joining Litmus in 2014. Here, I embarked on so many journeys of designs from ordinary to perfect. But still, will you believe me when I say, every new design that I look at makes me wonder, "Have I done this? Me? Really?" (ah, not in a good way).
But that's the way to grow and get better, I think.

Most of the times, I do not feel the need to give options in my designs. But at the same time, when clients are entangled in their own confusions, options આપવા જ પડે.

My inspiration is my father. And that is because he is the most truthful person in my life. To be honest, I am a simple person but not someone with small dreams. Someday, I aspire to see my name in a prestigious book, featuring my design, with the words 'Designed by Dharmesh Panchal', written at the bottom.

In the near future, I want to ace dynamic branding, I don't know if that's an industry term or not. But what I mean by that is, design styles that run beyond monotony and rules, and that should reflect in the vast diversity that I aspire to bring in my portfolio.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

My best design yet:

Dibba's packaging, Pattu packaging

One big company I'd love to design for someday:


What do I do in my free hours:

પેન્સિલ પકડુ હાથ મા and I sketch or draw something, anything

Whom do I Idolize:

Ashish Kataria

My strength:

My patience

Favourite Ads of all times:

Video- Dairy milk ki duniya
Static- Most of all the Fevicol Ads

What do I consider an absolute waste of time:

Long phone calls

I want to get better at:

Communication. Mainly in English

If I had to give a message to the design community:

Keep calm and keep काम से काम