Hi, I'm Deep.

At Litmus, I am the youngest & quietest graphic designer.

Deep Ghodasara

Graphic Designer deep.litmus@gmail.com


Questions are the leaders to answers, so I keep asking questions whenever I can.

I am a farmer's son, I too used to do farming as a kid. I moved to Ahmedabad for my graduation (BBA). I am still pursuing college and simultaneously applied for a job at Litmus. I saw the website and simply felt like this would be a company for my first job. Litmus was also the only company I applied for. I don't have any dream chart or plan of action, I just go with the flow, where my instincts take me. :)

But I have one dream, one day I want to work as a Graphic Designer for Apple. I follow Sagi Haviv, the logo designer and TheChrisDu whenever I open social media, and that is- rarely. Yellow is my favourite colour, if it ever goes missing from the design softwares, it's okay, what can I do? But I will constantly feel as if something's missing.

My day starts quite late, I wake up around 9AM & I go for a run, come back, get ready and just reach office. I stay up late but I never watch movies or scroll social media feeds- that's a waste of time. I do watch interesting videos on YouTube about topics that interest me.

I believe, I just have to get 1% better every day, I read that in the book I am currently reading.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

One habit in me that I'd never want to change:

To learn and keep learning..on and on

Where do I invest my savings:

Share market, SIPs, Bitcoins

Sports that I love

Volleyball & running

The most boring part of my day

Reading textbooks.. 🥱

One book I'm currently reading

Atomic Habits. Reading it, implementing it and loving it

My only wish from the God

I always ask for the togetherness with my parents

My dream ride

Suzuki Ninja

A destination I'd like to explore

In India, Kashmir & Leh-Ladakh. Overseas, California & Australia