Hi, I'm Brinda.

At Litmus, I do art direction.

Brinda Mehta

Creative Director brinda@litmusbranding.com


You are the best friend she has. :)

'You' in that sentence above is actually 'me'. This thought itself helps me to walk on a better path today, so I can look up to who I would become tomorrow. 

Who knew I would get here one day? That introverted kid who hardly had any friends in school did not even pass the 12th Grade on the first attempt and didn't know where to go or what to do for a good career. Up until 12th Grade, that was the case. Then, things changed.

I joined the RV Shah college of Fine Arts in Dholka and I realized that at least now I am at the right place. Or maybe not? My father wanted me to be an engineer and for his sake, I even took admission in Civil Engineering, but thank God I never went ahead with it. As a Fine Arts student, I used to interact with a lot of seniors to understand what career direction could be taken up 5 years later. Yes, that shy child opened up when there was a need.

Then started my professional journey as a designer. Litmus was my 2nd job and before that, I was already an artist with a lot of confidence and a lot of demand too. Yes, clients at my first job literally used to ask for me when they gave projects to the agency. At Litmus, the first project I did was for Indus Travels (2009) and I has total fun doing it. I switched to other agencies for career growth before coming back to Litmus in 2015, and this time as a partner.

What did I learn back then? I learnt the meanings of the words designation & delegation. I have not only been a part of the growth that Litmus has witnessed but we have developed our own brands and how. Developing Bonasila, designing the planters from scratch and seeing the brand go global has been nothing short of a dream, really.

I look forward to coming to office every day and discovering which new things would take shape and how will that enhance my learning process.

After all this, I can still confidently say, it is just the beginning. Together, we are all going to go onwards & upwards.

🤫 Sssshhhh...

A big dream I can visualize:

Seeing Bonasila as a household brand

That moment in my day that I live for:

Cuddling my sleeping babies and waking them up

A food item I can never give up:

સેવ મમરા

When was the last time I cried:

I'd rather laugh with my whole heart and that's my way of diving deep into my emotions

What do I want control on:

My temperament. 

My weakness and my strength:

Me. Myself. I am the one who can stop me from moving further. And I am the one who can push me. 

My mentor:

Kaps :) Errr.. KAPS

If there were no cycles, I would:

Learn skateboarding.