Hi, I'm Anil.

At Litmus, I develop brands through websites.

Anil Ankola

Wordpress Developer anild.litmus@gmail.com


I never get stuck, at work or in personal life. Solutions find a way always.

After completing my schooling, I took a drop for 6 years. I was working for all those 6 years and then I resumed my education to pursue BCA and MSc.IT. A friend of mine suggested I do this course and on research, I found out that this field will indeed witness growth in the years to come.

Next, I shifted to Ahmedabad for my first job and also got married in the same year. 2 years later, Litmus happened. At Litmus, I have been given an open ground to learn & grow. I am someone who has always been coming up with rational solutions for any project that we do. I want to learn anything & everything I can in web development. It might sound like an impossible thing to do, but with that approach, I will be able to learn the maximum.

While in any process- personal or professional, I readily accept my mistakes. I may not accept them that very minute, but on realization, I express exactly what I feel.

For me, the driving factor has never been money. ક્યારેય નઈ, બહુ ભેગા કરીને કરવાનુ શું. I just believe that when the right time comes, everything that is meant for me will come to me. I don't even ask, I believe in God, but I don't make demands. Also, I don't believe in any particular God. Whichever religious place I am in, the God I see there is the only one I need to have faith in. 

🤫 Sssshhhh...

One thing I can do that takes others by surprise:

I can increase the average of any two wheeler. My bike has an average between 90-100 

The most precious moment of my life:

My daughter's birth in 2018

What do I fear:

I don't fear anything. But I hate Lizards, I find their colour creepy

A car I aspire to buy:

Tata Altroz

I want to be a tourist at:

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

One skill other then web development that I want to learn:

To speak English fluently

A sport I once enjoyed playing:


How do I see life?

It's good. I am content with what I have

One purchase I love making:

Little cartoon stickers for my little one. She loves them

A habit I wish I can change:

જિદ્દ કરવાની આદત 

What is my process to find solutions in life?

I just speak to my wife, wait for my mind to cool down & by that time the solutions already start appearing