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The key challenge before digital marketers is - how to grab the attention of a multi-tasking, multi-device using audience in a multi-screen world? Attention-deficient in a deeply-fragmented, highly-competitive marketplace, how do you draw them to your web store? The simple and straight answer is - Responsive Website Design.

Regardless of the device from which a user is accessing your web property, Responsive Website Design makes sure that their user experience remains uncompromised. The images, the navigation, the text, all automatically fit the device screen - big or small. As a responsive website designing service, Litmus understand these fundamental rules of the game.

The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets, the growing popularity of Internet-connected TVs makes it imperative that digital content be delivered to a number of screens. Responsive Website Design-or a single-URL site configuration enables content providers to dynamically adjust their website to fit any screen size of any internet-enabled device.

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