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Litmus adds feathers in its cap with new client acquisitions and radical works

19 March, 2018

Litmus Branding, the leading advertising and design agency of Ahmedabad, has showcased an impressive portfolio with a diversified client base and inclusion of some prestigious brands. Its advertising and design work is a benchmark of sorts, a de facto standard that has - euphemistically speaking - inspired many other agencies.

Litmus has traditionally let its highly impressive portfolio do the talking, choosing to underplay when it comes to self-marketing. The agency is well-equipped with great designing skills and advertising knowledge which helps them create the best of case studies that display an extremely impressive body of work.

Recently they have updated their website with some more interesting cases studies to showcase their craft.

Enhancing the Brand Stories

Every brand has a story to tell, and Litmus helps these brands by enhancing their stories through powerful design and crisper communication.

To inspire and spread the learnings, Litmus has created a Clients' section in its website. The page is titled as ‘Enhancing the Brand Stories, the World Over’ that gives a window view of their clients across the world.

No wonder Clients share excellent feedback through their testimonials on the remarkable work executed by Litmus.

The agency caters to impressive list of clients across a dozen industries including but not limited to Education, Agriculture, FMCG, Fashion, Technology and many more. This is quite impressive because comparable agencies usually tend to have only two or three industries.

Impressive List of Reputed Clients

Beginning with the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (IIMU), the first of their three clients from the hallowed brand IIM. Then they have the IIM Bangalore, the crème de la crème of Business Schools along with IIM Vishakhapatnam, the scion of the IIM family as some of their latest clients.

Another esteemed client from the education industry they acquired is ‘Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu’.

The page also has the very impressive Bharatji Jewellers brand under the fashion industry. Litmus has done such extensive work for them that the website has now added an exclusive case study for their digital marketing on top of enhancing the collaterals showcased in their conventional advertising case-study for Bharatji.

Another major client from the gaming industry in their portfolio is Shott.

Indus Travels, Global Step, Companio, SML Isuzu, Burakia Group, Azure, IMS One World, Pattu, Emcer and many others form the impressive list of clients they have served.

Enhanced User-Friendly layout of the Case Studies

Litmus has also updated the format of the case study representation on their website. While the base information and the underlying structure remains the same, the creative showcase has been altered to provide a minimal content that complements the layout. The details page then creatively explains clients’ problem and the context along with the solution provided by Litmus. That creates an in-depth universe of the impressive body of work by Litmus.

Like the clients’ page, the case studies page also has industry filters so you could easily find their work in the industry of your interest.

Notable new case studies include Anand Namkeen, Bharatji Digital Marketing, Emcer, IIM Bangalore, IIM Vishakhapatnam and many others.

A Benchmark Work enhances its Portfolio

Litmus has always been a sort of a benchmark in creative design and marketing strategy. Additionally, the company has enhanced its work portfolio which is a hallmark and a ‘Litmus Test’, pun intended, of excellent growth. With exceptional design work and branding portfolio to showcase, the case studies and the branding stories on their website is a marketing delight to explore.

About Litmus Branding

Litmus Branding is a leading advertising and branding agency based out of Ahmedabad. Established in 2001, Litmus has carved a unique position for itself in print, web, digital and visual communication by helping some of the large national and international companies with their branding exercises. OilPixel and Mistose are two different ventures of Litmus Branding.

Litmus Launches Mistose, a New Venture Dealing With Designer Planters

26 January, 2018

Ahmedabad’s leading advertising agency launches a new company that will beautify spaces.

Litmus Branding Private Limited, one of the leading advertising and design agencies of Ahmedabad, recently launched their new venture called ‘Mistose’, which deals with designer planters. Through Mistose, Litmus aims to extend its 15 years of rich design experience towards building planters that beautify ambient spaces in homes, offices and public places. Litmus views Mistose as an initiative that is a strategic and logical extension of the designing ability, which is their core competency.

Mistose was publicly launched by Litmus at the super successful Ahmedabad Flower Show 2018, which is an annual exhibition organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). Mistose presented a wide variety of beautiful planters in their sprawling stall at the flower show. The move was a grand success, with a whopping 15,000 plus people visiting Mistose. The stall attracted genuine enquiries and buyers during the 10-day long exhibition along with throngs of selfie enthusiasts.

“With Mistose, we aim to bring planters out of the obscurity in the surrounding and help shape a perspective that well-designed planters can accentuate the ambient beauty, no matter where they are placed,” says KapilVaishnani, the founder of Mistose.

About Litmus Branding

Litmus Branding is a leading advertising and branding agency based out of Ahmedabad. Established in 2001, Litmus has carved a unique position for itself in print, web, digital and visual communication by helping some of the large national and international companies with their branding exercises. Their clients include IIM Bangalore, IIM Udaipur, Bharatji Jewellers, Indus Tours and Travels, Companio, Shott, Pattu, and Burakia Groupto name a few. Mistose is the second venture of Litmus after OilPixel.

Media Contact:

Litmus Branding
Hiren Panchal


30 June, 2016

Creative design hot-shop, Litmus Branding has just revealed its brand new corporate website. Check them out at

Establishing itself as a full-service brand consultancy that offers the full spectrum of services – brand, promotion, digital, mobile, social and content they have queered the pitch for their competition.

Clutter-free and highly engaging, the new site wears a clean, and simple, which is the brand’s core attributes. It's populated with easy navigation tools; and presents a no-nonsense, friendly approach to its business associates.

The portfolio page is a feast for the eyes and bears testimony to the highly amazing, awe-inspiring work done by Litmus Branding for clients across time zones and business communities and service verticals. The About Us page, gives due credit to each member of the Litmus Team.

The most inspiring was the 'Little Boy' launch campaign that connects with the Litmus work philosophy revealed in their landing page video.

Starting as a bootstrap operation, in less than 15 years, the new website also announces the opening of Litmus's second office in Ahmedabad (C, 703, Titanium City Centre, OPP Seema hall, 100 ft road, Satellite, Ahmedabad) and a branch office in Mumbai (1301, B Wing, Rushi heights, Riddhi Garden, Film City Road, Goregaon, Mumbai-400063) besides revealing their ambitious plans of expanding their footprints in Dubai, UK and USA.


Located in Ahmedabad, the hub for all entrepreneurial activity, Litmus has been in the business of design communication for over a decade. Experienced at offering a full suite of brand consultancy services, including brand strategy, brand audit/evaluation, brand communication, design communication, brand management and visual identity to clients across industrial sectors – Real Estate, Infrastructure, FMCG, IT and consumer durables – Litmus Branding has a long list of satisfied clients to its credit – William De Ridder, MTS and Quickwll to name just a few.

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