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Logo Design

Logo, the visual identity of a company,
with its arresting style and simplicity,
holds the power to narrate the company’s story to the target audience.

As it is widely known, a logo is the face of the company. It is the face that expresses varied nuances of the brand’s core values and beliefs on which it was founded. A well-designed logo developed with designer’s vision and skills powerfully establishes itself as one of the essential branding elements. Logo when embossed on the company’s promotional and stationary material should distinctly communicate the company’s persona to the client.

We are a logo design company, who boasts of an army of deft designers who will shape your brand story into an artistic form, harmonizing both aesthetics and functionality. No matter how impressive the logo is, but if it doesn’t have a recall value, it fails to serve the purpose. Hence, our designers make sure that the logo along with being outstanding is also easy to remember and simple.

Fact 1

Logo Designs are believed to have started in the 13th century when ancient Egyptians branded domestic animals with hieroglyphs to mark their ownership.

Fact 2

The term ‘Graphic Design’ was first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922.

Fact 3

Helvetica font was introduced to the world in the 20th century and soon it became one of the most popular fonts in the world.

Fact 4

The first edition of Photoshop (Photoshop 1.0) was released in February 1990.

However, the crucial stage before the logo designing is the ideation stage. Each and every member at Litmus, brainstorm, create word clouds, interact and thereby nudge a culture of creativity that inspire logo designs. Hence, logos we create are an art form conceptualized with the collective efforts of the entire team.

We believe, a brilliantly crafted logo is worth a thousand words. To ensure that your logo is timeless, our designers conduct research of your industry and competitors to get the clear understanding of the prevailing trends. We are the logo designing company who adores taking the path with twists and turns and come up with a unique concept, that strikes at the first glance.

While designing a logo, we make sure that it can be used across all media channels like social media platforms, website, billboards, company’s stationary material and on any space where the brand wishes to promote itself.

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