A Touch Of Sheen & Shine

Lustre To Laminates

Royal Crown Laminates is a specialist in all kinds of laminates. They wanted to showcase their new manufacturing facility and share the story of their product maturation and brand transformation with their customers. They also wanted the story to be told differently.

Royal Crown Website Design

Revamping The Catalogue

We understood this business need and changed the client’s existing marketing material, imbibing a story-telling format into their catalogue design. Anyone flipping through the pages of their print catalogue would feel compelled to explore more about the complete range of their product portfolio and service profile.

Royal Crown Catalog Design

Completing The Circle

Simultaneously, we also worked on their corporate identity design along with with website design and introduced a slew of interactive customer-relevant features to it.  All this, led to the positioning of Royal Crown Laminates as a premium brand in their category.

Royal Crown Brochure Design

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